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Birthday Week!
Author: TriSec    Date: 08/02/2014 12:18:47

Good Morning.

I was thinking about just posting an open blog today, but I've got a couple of musings.

We'll start with theme parks...Central Florida and Southern California seem to have a monopoly on these things. It seems that year-round good weather is a pre-requisite for these sort of things. (Hey, what's wrong with "Mickey's Frozen Hellscape Land", anyway?)

But we've got the next best thing - amusement parks. It's birthday week around the TriSec compound. Brother Trisec had his on 7/30. My niece is 8/6, and Javi and I are back-to-back on 8/8 & 8/9.He's turning 13 this year; angels and ministers of grace, defend us!

So, for next weekend, we're headed down to the fabulous Hershey Park for a couple of days, plus an extra day wandering Amish country. I plan on eating myself silly on good Amish food and chocolate, then riding this:

It's called "Farenheit". It's built by Intamin (A German company) and is a vertical-lift steel coaster. Looking at it, I can see fighter jet-like maneuvering going on, looks like fun.

Of course, I'll go on any roller coaster on the planet. Javi, not so much. This is what he wants to ride:

Of course, Your Loyal TriSec hates any and all rapidly-spinning rides. I generally avoid them like Republicans. Although I make one exception for the carnival "Tilt-a-Whirl", this just appears to be too much.

So, this will be an interesting weekend. It also means that next Saturday (08/09) is there for the taking - so anyone needs a blog, have at it!

A last note - when we last drove past NYC, the "Freedom Tower" hadn't quite made an appearance above the skyline. I'm avoiding the city headed southbound, since we would be getting there during the morning rush hour on a Wednesday, but headed home Sunday I plan on staying on the NJT so we can see it. I've said it before...Javi was about a month old when it happened - he doesn't know New York any other way. But for Mrs. TriSec and me, the city will never quite be the same.

But I digress.

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