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Consequences of Inaction
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/18/2014 12:55:01

Go and read any major newspaper in the country today. There’s bound to be a story about the general incompetence of the government regarding this whole Ebola outbreak. I made the mistake earlier this week of skimming through the comment section of one such story, and the ignorance and venom out there almost made ME go to the ER for exposure.

Oh, there’s plenty of wingnuts out there calling for a travel ban, and closure of the borders, and quarantines, and who knows what else. They’re all screaming for the president to DO SOMETHING!


Wait, what?

It wasn’t that long ago that a certain Speaker was actively talking about suing the president over executive authority, and the perceived misuse of it. Funny, how a media-fueled threat to our shores can instantly change people’s positions, hmm?

But here’s where once again our Congress is shirking any and all responsibility. I wonder what it’s like being overseas and looking at the way we do things? There must be millions of people around the world shaking their heads and wondering how people live here. But that aside, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Congress?

Dr Maddow mentioned that we don’t have a Surgeon General right now. Of course, the nomination was blocked (which is a story in itself). Surgeon General is one of those minor little government positions that nobody notices or cares about until people start dying from a mysterious disease. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one this week?

In addition to waging war, concluding peace, levying taxes, and all those other things that Congress can do, they have a hand in foreign relations. While I’m sure the President could close the borders in a heartbeat if he wanted to, wouldn’t it be extraordinarily wicked of him to drop this on the non-existent congress’s lap? Turnabout is fair play, but then again, people are dying here.

I wrote about this a while back. Well, I think the situation has only gotten worse since then. Congressional inaction and party shenanigans are in all likelihood costing lives now.

It’s your move, guys.

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