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Flips table over
Author: Raine    Date: 11/03/2014 14:14:41

Let me get this right...


And yet, people are poised to elect more of the very types of people that have brought this mess on? Maybe Steinbeck was correct when he said “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

The problem is: these days we are not talking about socialism, we are talking about the destruction of a representative republic. This is what the GOP has done to this nation.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I do know that a tremendous number of citizens have been truly hoodwinked into believing that both sides are the same, and both sides do it. That's the saddest and most deceitful part of it all.
Understanding this is key to understanding why conservatives LOVE the “both sides” argument. Let’s say you are a serial killer and I have spent my life saving orphans. Along comes a third person who really doesn’t know anything about us. This third person takes a cursory glance and declares, “I don’t see the difference. You both look the same to me.” Now, whose reputation does this benefit? Mine or yours?

This is how the “both sides” meme helps conservatives. No matter how awful or racist or cruel or greedy or disgusting they get, as long as there are people around to say, “Well, the left is just as bad!” then they can get away with it. After all, how do you punish (at the polls) one party for doing terrible things if the other party is “just as bad?”

And that is why conservatives refuse to push back against this ridiculous meme. They know, very well, that the only way to “defend” their ideology is to drag the left down into the mud with them. Unfortunately, they have all too many willing accomplices to this monumental lie.
Thanks to a lying party and a complicit media, people actually believe that both sides are the same, and it looks like they will vote for the party that is hellbent on hurting Americans while further lining the pockets of the wealthiest Americans. Somehow - once again - Americans really believe they are just like them, only temporarily embarrassed millionaires. Thanks to a complicit media, people don't know these facts:
1. We've now had 63 straight months of economic expansion.

2. We are currently enjoying the longest period of private sector job creation in American history.

3. Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 5.9% and projected to reach 5.4% by summer of 2015.

4. The stock market continues to set new records since President Obama has been in office.

5. The Federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced by two-thirds since 2009.

6. Under President Obama, spending has increased only 1.4% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president.

7. For 95% of American taxpayers, income taxes are lower now than just about any time in the previous 50 years.

8. Our dependence on foreign oil has shrunk due to record domestic oil production and improved fuel efficiency standards.

9. At least 7 million more Americans now have health insurance than before.

10. The Affordable Care Act has added years to the life of Medicare.

11. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, we are seeing the slowest rate of increase in healthcare costs since 1960.

12. We currently have fewer soldiers, sailors and airmen in war zones than any time in over 10 years.

13. There have been zero successful attacks by al-Qaeda on US soil since Obama became president.

14. We now successfully catch and deport more illegal immigrants than ever before.

I am voting for people who will stay away from my body, fight for equal rights and move this country forward for all - not just the rich. I am voting for a party that will move us forward and not plant seeds of fear and loathing in this country. These are things that are in my best interest and the best interest of The United States of America.

Vote for your best interest, don't vote against the Dems because someone told you both sides are the same. They are not. The outcome of tomorrow will affect -- directly and indirectly --- every single person in this nation. It matters.



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