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Pope and Circumstance
Author: BobR    Date: 09/23/2015 13:18:39

America is all abuzz about the Pope visiting our country. He will be here in DC the next two days, then off to NYC and other destinations. Throughout history, the various leaders of the Catholic church have hewn to somewhat differing doctrines. Some were more Old Testament with strict punishments, and others were more New Testament pushing for forgiveness and Good Works. Regardless of their preferred philosophy, their word has always been considered directly from God Himself.

In recent years, more enlightened Catholics have decided that some of the church's tenets (particularly regarding birth control) are stuck in a past that ignores the realities of our modern world. The infallibility of the papacy is no longer sacrosanct. Nonetheless, the pope is still revered by millions, and generally given a modicum of respect by even non-Catholics. The latest pope, however, seems to have pushed some buttons that have unleashed a level of hostility rarely seen.

The majority of this hostility is coming from Republican politicians and conservative pundits. They loved the previous pope, but this one gets under their skin, especially when the very clear teachings of Jesus conflict with their politics. It must be galling to them, because they have always attempted to claim Christianity as their own.

His values are towards helping the poor - essentially economic justice and opportunity for all (this is an umbrella view that includes capitalism, immigration, and preserving the environment). Republicans are on the wrong side of these issues, at least as far as the Pope is concerned, although he doesn't approach it from an American political mindset. This will prove to be very interesting when He addresses Congress tomorrow. It will likely evoke very different reactions from when Bibi Netanyahu addressed Congress. It will be interesting to see how many self-identifying Christians favor a Jewish political leader over a Christian spiritual leader.

Hopefully, it will occur without any faux pas from Congress. Considering the WWE approach to politicking we have here in our country, some folks felt it necessary to distribute a "good manners" Pope etiquette flyer to members of Congress so they don't embarrass us in front of a world watching this unfold. It's a little too late for that, considering the previous number of government shutdowns, defaulting on debt, repeated votes to repeal access to healthcare, etc., etc., etc...

FOX "News" - never one to pretend to be anything but selfish and a propaganda mouthpiece for the Republican party - has stepped into this again and again. They just don't understand why greed and taking care of God's creation is a concern to a religious leader. FOX "News" isn't the only one, however - it's a bit of an epidemic among the conservative blatherers

Have fun in Hell, fellas...

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