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Author: TriSec    Date: 09/26/2015 12:33:45

Good Morning.

We're headed out for a day at camp pretty soon...it's the first trip of the year for Olde Troop 248 in Waltham. We can't stay for the weekend, so a day trip is at least partially beneficial.

Tomorrow is now my penultimate class with the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery School. As you may have seen yesterday, I was offered a job on the spot with the competition. I'll be hanging up the Bean Green after October 4. (Better geographically...slightly more $, better hours, and I may never have to fold a friggin' shirt again.)

I had all these ideas for a blog swirling around my head at the beginning of the week, but did you think I wrote any of them down? Well of course not!

I have been reading up about Speaker Boehner of late...while I shed no tears for his passing, I do wonder what the future might bring. Blockage and vocal opposition is one thing, but with the Tea Party apparently in charge, does that mean we move on to active insurrection now? One can only hope we end up with another President Clinton, or maybe we should look into moving to South America.

There was the tragic stampede at the Hajj this week. Some minor sects consider death on the pilgrimmage to be a blessing from Allah, and those that die are eternally honoured....but then of course, they are actually dead. Daily Beast had an interesting story from a stampede survivor (not this one). It's very interesting to read how a religious event has been transformed into big business by the Saudis...with a little help from the Binladen group.

Have you ever been on a Duck tour? We went on the Boston one aeons ago when Javi was little. Of course, ours are a little more famous than most, having been seen repeatedly ferrying sports teams and their trophies around. Boston Duck Tours has been operating in this city for 21 years now, and I was hard-pressed to find any serious incidents in our narrow streets and waterways. As it turns out...Boston doesn't use WWII vintage boats anymore. Wonder if the critics have a point?

On August 7, 2014, Boston Duck Tours retired its last remaining original WWII DUKW from regularly-scheduled tours. As of 2015 all regular tours are conducted on replica DUKWs that are larger and easier to repair than the original vehicles, and run on bio diesel.

Finally this morning...a word about furbabies. We keep a slightly different kind; we've got two Guinea Pigs puttering about in their pen behind me as I write this. They're from the same brood, and it's funny sometimes to see how different the two of them are. In any case..one of their wilder cousins (probably a field mouse) may or may not be in residence somewhere in my kitchen or attic. Of course, I'm planning on hunting down that one and executing it gangland-style.

Ah well.

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