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Fun Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 09/23/2016 12:49:45

This week Joss Whedon (creator of Firefly, Buffy, Dollhouse, Avengers and more) returned to Twitter. Big news in the pop culture geek world. After perusing the Great British Bake-Off hashtag he posted this -

Launching the Hillary Super Pac Save The Day. Which also promises to get Mark Ruffalo naked (aka "Full Markie) if/when she wins.

"It's not about attacking because Donny's real good at attacking himself," says Whedon. “It’s about getting people to vote, because it’s frightening the apathy that people are treating the most crucial election of their lifetimes with.”
Source: Avengers Assemble! Whedon launches Super Pac

How does Mrs. Clinton feel about this?

“For the record, I was planning to vote anyway. That said, Mark’s a true patriot, I’m sure he won’t let America down.”
Source: Clinton Approves

Whedon is right, our side isn't excited about voting this year. Which I don't get, the chance to elect an amazingly qualified woman as President should be lighting fire to our butts. Has 30 years of corporate and right-wing media damaged her image and made us so jaded about her that we're just going to shrug this away? I hope not. The alternative is truly horrifying.


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