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I Suppose I Could have Stayed Home Too
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 11/06/2016 17:38:27

Last night some murderous thug tried to ASSASSINATE our next president! And you know what they say: "When you try to assassinate you make an ASS ASS out of Nate!"

Donald Trump didn't need to run for president and save our country from those pot-smoking climate change people or those black lives matter thugs or those women. He had a great job as a businessman, developer, University owner/president, Casino owner and A+ entertainer with several movie and tv credits to his name. (Frankly, he was due to be a Broadway star if he'd kept it up). Talk about your triple threat he is a whatever the tuple of 8 is threat!

He could have stayed home at one of his many homes, and had one of his servants bake cookies and had tea while planning his next business strategy, but he decided to fulfill his purpose.

Here he is speaking the truth and making so much sense.

Let's elect TRUMP! He has the best golf courses in the world. THE WORLD, people!

Let's be clear: Donald Trump has fired "celebrities" on TV; built up a business that his father gave him; managed Casinos in New Jersey which is the hardest market in the world for gambling; had brilliant side businesses like Trump Steak, Trump Water, Trump Magazine, Trump Peanut Butter, Trump Winery, Trump Sex Toys, Trump Paper Towels ("Let Me Soak up that Spill") and the Trump line of House Paint; he has built or designed Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Hotel, Beauty Pageants and the
aforementioned golf courses. He is a success at everything he touches not the least of which are his wife's perky boobs! Seriously, did you hear one word of her speech?

Tuesday night we will celebrate President Trump and on Wednesday I'll be out of the office until further notice, probably around 4 years or so. Don't look for me.

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