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Let it be open
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/25/2020 10:39:56

Good Morning.

OK, so I've been terrible for weeks about opening up a Saturday blog. I am reclaiming this spot today.

But that said, there's not much here except what we already know. Some days, it sure does feel like end times, doesn't it?

Coronavirus? Yep, got it.

US government in turmoil? Check.

Middle East collapsing? Always.

Wars ready for oil, resources, or anything else? But of course!

Except for that nasty virus, there's a common thread through the other things I've listed. We're all not too young to remember when the US government used to work, even at that monolithic pace that the founders always intended.

Somewhere, somehow, even that glacial pace has been stopped.

I'm wondering, although I could make a reasonably accurate guess, when did the business of running the country return to the schoolyard? Much of the debate over the last 25 years or so can be summed up with the simple phrase,

"I know you are, but what am I ??? "

Honestly, I think 8-year-olds could run the country better at this point.

And just updating - it is one week from today that I shall be on my way to West Palm Beach to tend to some family business. I will have my tablet with me, but I find that about all I can really do with it is open up an 'open thread'.

While not a big deal on a Saturday, there is an "Ask a Vet" available if anyone wants to have a go.

Saturday, Feb 1 - available
Tuesday, Feb 4 - would only be an "AAV Open Blog"
Saturday, Feb 8 - available
Tuesday, Feb 11 - I'll be back!


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