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The day is here
Author: Raine    Date: 07/09/2020 13:02:01

Today is the day. SCOTUS is either gonna do the right thing or not. From WaPo:
The Supreme Court will announce Thursday whether congressional committees and a New York prosecutor are entitled to see President Trump’s personal financial records, after the president has waged an intense legal battle to keep the material secret.

The court said Wednesday that opinions in all remaining cases would be issued Thursday. The court in May held teleconferenced hearings — with the world listening in — on three cases with potential landmark constitutional consequences.

All concern Trump’s long-running legal fight to shield years of income tax returns from public view and keep his private financial records from the hands of Democratic-led House committees and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

I hope that my hopes are not crushed. This country deserves to know much more about the corruption that now occupies the White House. and just before I press 'post blog' One has to wonder if the occupants tweet might be a clue.

I need some more coffee.

Let's wind down the week.



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