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Repairing our National Trauma
Author: BobR    Date: 10/28/2020 12:58:42

This will be my last missive before Election Day next week. I will not exhort you to vote, because if you are reading this, then I know you will be voting (if you haven't already). Instead, I will be passing along what I feel like a new Biden administration must do (and - in that way - show what's at stake here).

There are some things which would need to be addressed immediately:

Fire everyone associated with the tRump administration: Drain the swamp for real.

Create a coronavirus task force: Bring in infectious disease experts, return the CDC to its proper self, and renew the dept that was created when he was veep to prepare for future pandemics.

Work with Congress to get economic relief done: This would include short-term for those affected by the coronavirus, and long-term (such as increasing the national minimum wage).

Roll back all of tRump's executive orders: I'd say "except the good ones", but seriously...

Undo the damage to the asylum process: The longer the kids continue to sit in those cages, the less chance there is of finding their parents. Someone should be tasked with working on that exclusively on Day One, while also getting asylum seekers to safety and fast-tracking their requests.

Appoint judges: This isn't a "Day One" immediate need, but there are plenty of vacancies that need to be filled. Biden should come into office with a list already in hand, as this process won't get completed in a day or even a week.

Have the Justice Dept appoint a special prosecutor: This may seem like petty revenge, but the sanctity of our democracy demands that tRump and those in his administration be required to pay the price for the crimes they committed while in office.

Address the White Supremacist Militia problem: These domestic terrorists should be treated as such, and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Make the sure the FBI considers this their top priority, and bring in the National Guard if necessary. If these Nazi motherfuckers draw up their weapons on our soldiers, they should shoot to kill.

Work with Congress (and legal experts) to see what can be done to ensure the sanctity of our elections: 2022 will get here before you know it, and the time to ensure every person who wants to can vote, and that every vote gets counted. Republicans should never again be allowed to win an election by suppressing the vote. This also includes preventing non-USA entities from being able to influence or hack our elections.

Create a roadmap for the next 5-10-20 years: Not just for the country, but for the Democratic party. The Republicans played the long game in an effort to create a permanent hegemony. Their over-reach, and their ultimate result (tRump) became their undoing. This is another project that needs to be done, albeit quietly and without fanfare. This could include preserving (for now) the rules changes that McConnell put in place in the Senate. Let them seethe and protest, but they should be forced to live by the processes they put in place when they were in charge.

Obviously, this all requires Biden actually winning next week, the Senate flipping, and maintaining control of the House. At one point, that seemed like a dream, but barring any major problems between now and then - it's doable. So maybe it DOES need to be said...


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