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It's all over but the Shouting
Author: BobR    Date: 11/25/2020 14:09:43

Once again, we are on the eve of a uniquely American holiday: Thanksgiving. It's the one where we eat a lot of food we don't eat any other time of the year as part of a tradition in remembrance of when the native American peoples helped the invaders survive, shortly before we drove them off of their land in a deliberate genocide and put the remainder into "reservations". Good times...

For more than half the country, this year we can be thankful that the orange shit-gibbon, the Toxic Revenger, the festering pustule on the anus of America has been served notice, and will be vacating the White House in January. We can also give thanks that 2020 is almost over. Somehow, these two things seem intertwined.

Now that GA, MI, and PA have certified their results, the writing is on the wall for tRump. Of course, tRump hates to read, so he's still impotently flailing at windmills, attempting to somehow prove that he was actually re-elected. He still has a few people trying to help him, but most everyone has transitioned from getting tRump to remain another 4 years to sabotaging America as best they can, poisoning the well and burning the bridges on the way out of town. Even the head of the GSA has thrown in the towel and released the funds needed by president-elect Biden to effectively transition in.

Wall Street seems pretty happy about the certainty of an official upcoming Biden presidency, and closed over 30K for the first time ever. tRump characteristically took credit for it in a weird as shit extremely short press briefing (definitely emphasis on "brief"):
...Candidate Trump also tried to scare people into voting for him, telling them that Biden would remove God from America and that the stock market would crash, causing average citizens to lose their retirement because 401k plans would suffer without him in charge.


... Trump ignored his past prognostication on Tuesday when he tried to take credit for the record-breaking mark by holding a one-minute press event to brag and possibly set a record of his own for the most nonsensical statements uttered in a minute.

“Well, thank you very much, and I just want to congratulate everybody. The stock market, Dow Jones Industrial Average, just hit 30,000, which is the highest in history. We’ve never broken 30,000,” Trump said. “And that’s just despite everything that’s taken place with the pandemic. I’m very thrilled with what’s happened on the vaccine front. That’s been absolutely incredible. Nothing like that has ever happened medically. And I think people are acknowledging that, and it’s having a big effect.”

Trump continued, “But the stock market’s just broken 30,000—never been broken, that number. That’s a sacred number, 30,000, and nobody thought they’d ever see it.

Meanwhile in tRump world, the great unwashed, the Nazis, the malcontents, the uneducated, and the jerks are extremely unhappy and feeling abandoned by the Republican party, and don't really care about "sacred" numbers. They are upset with establishment Republicans like the SoS in GA who is getting attacked by tRump supporters while being blamed by tRump. In protest to what they see as the Republicans hanging them out to dry by not fighting harder for tRump, they are threatening to boycott the run-off election in GA. That election was already going to be tight, since tRump was a likely draw to a number of voters who wouldn't have bothered if we wasn't on the ticket. That may hold true in January. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Bernie-cultists who chose not to vote for Clinton in 2016.

Meanwhile, Biden is forging ahead, putting together a cabinet of experienced professionals who know what they're doing (isn't THAT refreshing?), rather than toadies and family members. Not everyone is happy with his choices. Marco Rubio is laughably arguing that having competent "ivy-league" people in government will lead us to being "dependent on China". That has not gone over well.

On the other side, the "no one is ever progressive enough" types are also lambasting his choices, as if these important positions should be filled with inexperienced idealists. We knew that the ultra-leftists will never be happy, but they are wasting no time criticizing an administration that has yet to take power.

We have less than 60 days before Biden takes office, 5 weeks until 2020 is officially over, and 3 "Big Pharma" companies have now announced they have a vaccine for the Coronavirus. That is plenty to be thankful for. Also - this year you won't have to sit at the table with your crazy uncle shouting about anti-tRump conspiracy theories. It's a silver lining in an arguably shitty year.

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