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What time is it?
Author: TriSec    Date: 11/06/2021 11:54:15

Good morning.

I still feel in a cycle. Many of the things I could have written about today, I've already written about in recent weeks. It sure does feel like Groundhog Day.

So here is an actual groundhog.


While the fascist down in Pennsylvania is my mortal enemy, this one seems fairly benign.

It is going to be a spectacular fall weekend here in New England. With tomorrow off and temps approaching 60...I'm thinking of maybe the last outdoor fire and cigar of the season.

But of course, we turn the clocks back, so it will be dark here around 3pm tomorrow. Those of you fortunate enough to live further south and west, do think of us here in dark, lifeless New England every now and again, mmmkay?

From a few years ago now...

New England residents may be relishing the extra hour of sleep Sunday morning. However, studies have shown that the semiannual ritual of changing clocks has perhaps outlived its usefulness.

And in fact, Massachusetts is officially pushing the idea of getting rid of it.

In their final report released this past week, a special state commission recommended that Massachusetts switch time zones “under certain circumstances,” effectively adopting daylight saving time all year round. The move — which would have the Bay State join Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico, and others in Atlantic Standard Time — would come with costs and benefits.

On a map, New England (and especially so Maine) is hundreds of miles farther east than other Eastern Standard Time cities, which is why it currently gets darker earlier in Boston than it does in, say, Buffalo, despite the latter being farther north.

For the entire month of December, the sun will set in Boston sometime between 4:11 p.m. and 4:20 p.m.

“Boston lies so far east in the Eastern Time Zone that during standard time, our earliest nightfall of the year is a mere 27 minutes later than in Anchorage,” Tom Emswiler, a leading proponent of changing time zones, wrote in 2014. “When it comes to daylight, we can do much better than Alaska.”



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