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Cold cold war
Author: Raine    Date: 02/28/2022 14:03:17

I stand with Ukraine.

GenX-er here. You've seen the memes. We grew up with the cold war. One thing I have to admit, I grew up numb to it. I, unfortunately, had the unconscious feeling the 'It couldn't happen here' -- that is kinda how we were brought us as we had the privilege to be born in the United States. The cold war provided nothing more than an abstract idea of a hot war. The rhetoric from the Reagan era was so loud that it just became noise for me and many like me.

It can happen here just as it is happening there. I don't know what the off-ramp is here. The head of Russia is a mad man in a corner.

That's it, that is the blog. I have too many things in my head causing the noise. Unfortunately, it's not cold noise.


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