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Author: Raine    Date: 08/15/2022 12:39:24

Last Tuesday, we woke to the news that the FBI conducted a search at The Mar-A-Lago club. A lot of stuff was seized by the Feds. There has been a lot mentioned that this is his private residence. However, it should be noted that while he was allowed to live there, he is considered an employee of the private club. It was this loophole that allowed him to reside there over the winter.
Turning aside arguments from neighbors who claim that Trump is not permitted to live at Mar-a-Lago based on a Declaration of Use agreement he signed with the town in 1993, Palm Beach Town Attorney John Randolph concluded that the agreement doesn't specifically prohibit the ex-president from residing at the club, Town Manager Kirk Blouin told the Daily News this week.

The 1993 agreement allowed Trump to convert the private residence into a private club.

Randolph also advised that under the town's zoning code, private clubs can provide living quarters to a "bona fide employee."


Trump's duties at Mar-a-Lago, according to his attorney, John B. Marion, include overseeing the property, evaluating the performance of employees, suggesting improvements to the club's operations, reviewing the club's financials, attending events, greeting guests and recommending candidates for membership.


West Palm Beach lawyer Reginald Stambaugh, who represents Trump's neighbors, tried to convince the council in December that Trump's living at Mar-a-Lago would violate that agreement as well as pose security concerns and devalue surrounding properties
I guess, if one wants to be technical about it, He was just an employee hiding top secret information in the basement of the pool supply room.

When news of the FBI taking voluminous information back to the federal government the MAGAt supporters in Palm Beach protested on cue. Later in the week, a man was killed after trying to breach the FBI field office in Cincinnati.
In that post, the user encouraged people to go to gun and pawn shops to "get whatever you need to be ready for combat."

When another person responded to the user saying they would be sending his photo and information to the FBI, the Shiffer account user responded by saying, "Bring them on."
It's unclear whether the information was forwarded to the FBI.

On Tuesday, the user wrote people were heading to gather in Palm Beach, Florida -- where Mar-a-Lago is located -- and said if the FBI broke up the group, "kill them."

The account's user also claimed he was in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, but did not say whether he entered the Capitol. The poster frequently referenced a belief the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.
Over the weekend, armed protesters showed up at an FBI field office in Phoenix. This was about a day after, DHS and the FBI issued bulletins because of an "unprecedented" amount of threats to the FBI - both people and property.
On Friday, the names of the two agents who signed the search warrant paperwork circulated online. The names had been included in a version of the search warrant that was leaked prior to the official unsealing of the documents. The version released by the court redacted the agents' names.

Officials at the FBI headquarters division responsible for the security of personnel also have observed efforts by online actors to publicly post -- also known as "doxxing" -- the personal information of other bureau employees, including those involved in the search of Trump's residence, a law enforcement source tells CNN.
There were FBI protests in St. Louis yesterday. These are ALL the supporters of TFG. No word yet on the man who caught his car on fire and killed himself after trying to breach the Capitol Building this week. I won't lie, would be surprised if it wasn't a supporter of TFG.

I'm old enough to remember when former FBI Director James Comey delivered the Clinton campaign an October surprise. It very likely it cost her the election.
FBI Director Jim Comey's decision to re-open the Clinton email investigation 11 days before the 2016 election will likely go down in history as one of America's most dramatic October surprises. In the four years since that decision, it has become cemented in the minds of Clinton supporters and many political analysts as the turning point for her doomed campaign.
You know what Clinton Supports didn't do? They didn't die in blind cult-like loyalty in Ohio. They didn't brings guns to threaten FBI offices. Clinton supporters did not respond with violent protest.

Both sides are not the same. 'Yeah,' some say, 'but he's an employee, I guess.'



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