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Promises promises.
Author: Raine    Date: 03/09/2009 12:51:27

It is a bit hard to comprehend what has been happening, but things are actually getting done-- or being undone -- just as we were promised during those two long campaign years.

In less than 2 months we have seen SCHIP funding passed, the Gag Rule lifted, Stem Cell research Returned, Gitmo was ordered closed, the Iraq War was given a withdrawal date, President Obama stopped torture, the DOJ is on it's way to functioning the way it is supposed to, The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay act was passed, there will be no more medical marijuana raids, he is reversing many environmental rules, money has been put back into higher education --- oh the list can go on. He has even said that the era of no bid contracts is ending. (It's something I admit I did not hear about in the campaign, but was thrilled to hear last week) You can track them here. The Budget, Health care and credit cards are next and if recent history is any indicator, we may be pleasantly surprised.

The point is that things are getting done, and getting done far faster than I expected. I find it so hopeful and refreshing to see that despite the fact that one party has turned itself into he party of obstruction -- things are getting done anyway. It's happening even with the pundits crying that President Obama is trying to either do too much or is making our country fail. To tell you the truth, I wish President Obama and the congress could work faster-- but hey, I am a liberal-- I like change.

The reality is this: our country has been failing for a few years now. We not only have had a housing crisis and a financial crisis for some time, but we have suffered from a crisis of confidence in our government. We have been told for many many years -- even decades -- that all politicians are the same. The new boss is the same as the old boss, that government doesn't work and that all we realy need is to be individuals and stand on our own. For decades, people believed that crap and voted the very people that hate government INTO government. That didn't happen this Novemeber. We elected people who promised to help our country, they promised to help US. We elected people who looked at American government as the solution, instead of the problem.

It's happening. It's happening faster and quicker than I expected, and I could not be happier. I expected that there are things that will get worse before they get better, but just knowing that there are people in Washington DC that really meant it when they said it was a campaign promise gives me hope and inspires me. More important -- it is restoring my faith in our country.

It's Monday... let's get Blogging.

:peace: and

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