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Author: TriSec    Date: 12/17/2022 12:52:19

We'll have no Fa-la-las here today.


It is that most wonderful time of the year!

I actually haven't been playing much of late. But a curious thing happened this past fall. I drove a number of charters for the Boston Symphony, and me being me, of course got to know a couple of the guys. One of them half-jokingly suggested that if I could get my act together and bring my axe in the spring, they might let me sit in the back and sight-read a couple of pieces when they were out doing their thing.

Now, I know that will never happen - but it did get me to pick up my horn again. Being a comeback trumpeter isn't quite easy, but I have worked an invite to the Waltham American Legion Band in February when they start practicing again after their holiday break.

So, I'm afraid I won't be playing much holiday music this year. I did just find my "Christmas Book" though, so at least it's not impossible. Of course, that won't stop me from having our annual holiday music blog here, though!

I'll start dark this year - I've been pondering the Prince of Darkness once again this year. This does remain one of my favourite Christmas songs, just because of it's total "Anti" nature. It does still contain the most brutal lyric of the season -

"It's a time when the greedy give a dime to the needy".

This was written in 1962; sixty years on and the sentiments have changed little.

But I suppose we could have something cheerier. In many ways, we're still recovering from COVID, and may yet deal with it again as we get into the cold & flu season. Of course you know the depths of the internet rabbit hole. It's not a path I'm proud I took, but the day I found this, it won the internet for me.

Of course, we can't have anything on this blog without me finding a Boston connection. There's actually three Christmas Carols with ties to this city. Leroy Anderson was born in Cambridge, MA. He was known more for light and popular pieces, many of them debuted right here by the Boston Pops Orchestra under Arthur Fiedler. Curiously enough, his best known work today was actually written during a July heat wave in 1946...but it wasn't debuted here until 1948.

But of course....you and me and everyone else who knows this blog is here for our official 4F Christmas Song.

Whichever holiday is your home choice - have a good one!

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