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The War & Christmas
Author: Raine    Date: 12/26/2022 13:30:14

It started almost two decades ago, with a segment on Bill O'reilly's show, titled "Christmas Under Seige". It was war. Conservative punditry decided to lean into the idea that this idea they wanted society to rally around: fake war to own the libs.

And now, it's just a forever thing. It's not about Christmas, it's a perpetual outrage machine that returns like solstice, or the secular Starbucks holiday cup every year.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Christmas is very much a part in pushing back against the Russian occupiers. Many Ukrainians celebrated yesterday, instead of the more traditional January 7, as is custom in both the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox churches.
Many Ukrainians are embracing Dec. 25 as Christmas for the first time, reflecting a desire to be more like the West and less like their assailants.

A poll conducted in the Diia smartphone application — which most Ukrainians use to store their personal documents and access public services — asked what date people prefer for Christmas. Nearly 60 percent (of some 383,000 respondents) chose Dec. 25. The Jan. 7 date came in second.

“This is our new tradition,” the 26-year-old Zalenetska said. “We don’t want to do the same thing that Russia does. So much of the world celebrates on Dec. 25, so we will, too.” (snip)

“On December 25th, about a hundred years ago, a prayer was heard in this church,” Archpriest Vitaly Klos said during the service. “Today we restore historical justice. … I wanted to emphasize that the date, when to celebrate, should not prevail in our hearts, but what we celebrate and whom we glorify. It can be the 25th or January 7th.”

“Russia will not take away the joy of Christ’s birth from us,” Klos said.
This article is gifted to 4F readers, and it is worth reading. The very idea that it's been 100 years since this Cathedral held Christmas services is mindboggling. Don't be surprised when the RW claims that this too is part of the war on Christmas, and the liberal agenda is to blame.

In other words, expect them to support Russia in denouncing this move. The propaganda machine drags on. The stakes tho, are much higher. Merry Christmas and Slava Ukraine.


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