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Another Mass
Author: Raine    Date: 01/23/2023 13:58:37

As we roll into the new week, we have another mass shooting. 12 people were injured.
And it didn't even make headlines.
Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are searching for at least one suspect involved in a nightclub shooting that left a dozen people injured, according to L’Jean McKneely, Baton Rouge Police Department spokesperson.

Police are categorizing the shooting as a “targeted attack.”

“This was not just a random act of someone showing up and randomly shooting citizens of Baton Rouge,” said Lt. Bryan Ballard, commander of BRPD’s Homicide Division, during a press conference Sunday.
I guess the reason is there were no dead bodies. That is how numb the epidemic of guns has become.

You see, in California, 10 people were killed and as many were brought to the hospital. A few minutes later he entered another dance studio, with a much different result.
At the Alhambra ballroom, Tran walked in with a firearm and some individuals wrestled the firearm away, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said.

A surveillance image obtained by Eyewitness News shows the moment a man inside the Lai Lai Ballroom confronted the suspect and disarmed him.

Tran then fled the scene. Witnesses reported seeing a white cargo van in the area. Later in the day Sunday, a SWAT team surrounded a white van in a Torrance parking lot that was believed to be linked to the same suspect.

Nobody was injured in Alhambra and investigators cleared the scene by 7 a.m.
That last line is not true. Watch:

Once again, there wasn't a death count. The man who took the gun away was injured, both physically and emotionally. Just because someone wasn't killed doesn't make these acts of violence less malignant.

Too many people are becoming numb to it as a nation.



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