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Racism in my house!
Author: TriSec    Date: 03/11/2023 10:58:02

Oh, pshaw. none of us. What do you think this is??

My Mother-in-law, in all her infinite wisdom, has decided that her grandson cannot marry a woman with different skin pigmentation.

Since they debuted as a couple over a year ago, she has been going out of her way to denigrate and insult Aneesa, and tell Javi at every opportunity that he is making a mistake.

At some point in time, I personally noted to Mrs. TriSec that if that was the attitude, she is no longer welcome in my home. It's a soft "NO", as we've had her for the holidays, but nothing else, and we have been avoiding many other social and family opportunities since then.

Javi has show remarkable restraint in all this - but he and Aneesa have just got an apartment together, and he is platooning between their new home and staying on-campus for these last few weeks of his college career. We even have a grand-dog, as they adopted a rescue pup last weekend!

The phone lines were burning up around here yesterday. While MiL is up in arms, Maria's cousin is trying to be the "Committee of Correspondence", attempting to call other members of the far-flung family to give them the truth, as opposed to MiL calling to complain about how she is being treated by her own grandson.

Sow much? Reap much? I regret that it is sad that I have to say that about members of my own family - but that is the truth.

In the end...It always sounds weird when I say it, but I was raised by musicians. I learned at an early age that it matters not if you are white, black, brown, or purple - on the bandstand only one thing matters. Can You Play?

This is what Dr. King alluded to when he Had A Dream. We still have a long way to go.

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