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The Cheating is a Feature
Author: BobR    Date: 03/22/2023 12:37:31

There's one thing we can count on when a Republican is running for president: they will resort to cheating and meddling when it looks like they're about to lose. It may have begun with Richard Nixon; Eisenhower had no stink around his election efforts. It's gotten worse in every iteration.

Nixon's "Watergate" was simply a break-in to snag some intel on his opponent. It almost seems quaint in comparison to what we've seen lately.

A confirmation of what we already knew just come out in the last few days: Reagan actively worked with Iran to keep them from releasing the hostages:
It was 1980 and Jimmy Carter was in the White House, bedeviled by a hostage crisis in Iran that had paralyzed his presidency and hampered his effort to win a second term. Mr. Carter’s best chance for victory was to free the 52 Americans held captive before Election Day. That was something that Mr. Barnes said his mentor was determined to prevent.


What happened next Mr. Barnes has largely kept secret for nearly 43 years. Mr. Connally, he said, took him to one Middle Eastern capital after another that summer, meeting with a host of regional leaders to deliver a blunt message to be passed to Iran: Don’t release the hostages before the election. Mr. Reagan will win and give you a better deal.

So the Reagan campaign negotiated with terrorists - to the detriment of the hostages - in an effort to sway the voters.

Twenty years after Reagan won that election, another Republican was trying to scrape a win out of FL. Because of a problematic voting system and a close finish, a recount was required. There were non-stop arguments about which votes counted and which should be rejected (remember all the hanging and dimpled "chads"?). Bush had been declared the winner, so anything that could be done to stop the counting was on the table. Roger Stone and some other questionable types operating on the edge of the campaign (and the law) engineered the Brooks Brothers Riot, where they terrorized poll workers and helped end the recount.

Twenty years later (again), the pre- and post- election day claims of the election being rigged led to one of the most horrific acts of mob violence I've ever seen, as TFG supporters stormed the Capitol to stop the voting process from coming to its final conclusion. TFG might be the first in this line of Republican thieves to suffer some legal consequences.

Maybe an arrest, a conviction, and some time spent in jail would put an end to this particular curse. It's way past time.

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