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A Whiter Shade of Fail
Author: Raine    Date: 03/27/2023 12:56:02

In November 2021, US Marshalls paid a visit to DC's Detention Center. What they found was the need to transfer about 400 prisoners to another federal detention center due to poor conditions in what is called the Central Detention Facility (CDF). The Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) met federal standards and those detainees were not relocated.

At the time Politico reported this.
After conducting about 300 interviews with prisoners and examining the jail’s physical plant, the Marshals Service concluded that the site where the Jan. 6 detainees are being housed — the CTF — is up to federal standards, the statement said.

Capitol riot suspects have complained about being the target of harassment and intimidation by jail guards and, in at least one case, a beating. Some say they’re viewed as white supremacists by the employees at the jail and have become targets for abuse as a result.


The riot suspects and their attorneys have also complained for months that the jail’s facilities are inadequate for video meetings with their clients and for the review of voluminous electronic evidence, like tens of thousands of hours of surveillance, body-worn camera and cellphone video related to the Jan. 6 violence at the Capitol.

Fast forward to this weekend.
House lawmakers went on a field trip to under the guise of caring about conditions at the prison. The usual cast of ilk and two Democratic members of Congress were there. After the visit this was the message from the GOP
"Their due process rights are being violated. And they have been mistreated and treated as political prisoners," Greene, R-Ga., told reporters after the tour, flanked by fellow Republicans on the committee, including Reps. Byron Donalds of Florida, Anna Paulina Luna of Florida and Mike Collins of Georgia.


GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who was also on hand for the tour, was seen exchanging a hug with Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, a Jan. 6 rioter who was shot by police as she jumped through a broken window while members of Congress fled.
Remember, there were two D's on this field trip. Both were public prosecutors before they were elected to Congress. Jasmine Crockett (D-Tx) was one of them. When asked why she went, she told reporters "There had to be somebody that was going to be willing to tell the truth" and “If we weren’t here, there would be no check for whatever it was that they said.” She later issued a statement.


Saturday she appeared on a weekend cable show:

The other D, Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA), also had something to say:

I remind you, Crockett and Garcia were public defenders, so they know of what they speak.

The GOP is flatly making it clear, they support insurrection and domestic terrorism. This weekend proved how black & white they see it. They are blinded by the white.




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