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The Scream
Author: Raine    Date: 05/01/2023 13:10:00

It's a new month and a Monday. Here in the DMV, the sun is out and it's warming up.

Today the defamation and rape civil of TFG begins a second week. If it's anything like last week, it won't be pretty. Ms. Carrol is a strong and brave woman. Lisa Rubin has been in the courtroom reporting on the proceeding and had a very interesting exchange over the weekend with Ali Velshi. Remember, Carrol is 79.

Lisa Rubin has researched the background on Ms. Carrol. read this thread and you'll better understand.

Instead, TFG's Lawyer really went there and asked her why she didn't scream during her rape. I didn't scream when I was raped either. Why? I didn't want to get killed. That's the thing about mysogny: if you don't act the way a misogynist wants, you are to blame. If you do, then you get to be further abused. But that's the route Tacopina is taking. He may have messed up big time last week.
Tacopino fell "into this other trap," former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance said on MSNBC on Saturday, "of putting the jury on her side and willing to listen to her testimony."


Badgering an elderly woman isn't just a bad look, however. In going for maximum belligerence, Tacopino may have accidentally revealed a telling detail about why Trump allegedly raped Carroll in a dressing room that day. Not because he was overcome with lust. No, because Trump was angry over a perceived insult. We all know how he loves to take revenge over imaginary slights.

The crucial moment came during a back-and-forth between Carroll and Tacopino about a seemingly irrelevant detail from the day. In her original recounting, Carroll described Trump asking her to try on lingerie, and her teasingly countering with, "You try it on" and "it's your color."


As I was reading this baffling exchange, I couldn't help but start picturing how Trump, who we all know has a tissue-thin ego, would react to having a pretty, witty woman tease him with jokes about putting on a teddy. There's no question about it. He would have felt emasculated. He would have been furious. He would have grown angrier and angrier as she kept the banter up. She probably thought they were having fun. In reality, she was dealing with a short-tempered narcissist who cannot take a joke.

Tacopino inadvertently answered questions that Carroll herself has said haunt her: Why her? Why that day? Why did Trump allegedly get violent so suddenly?

The lingerie jokes hold the answer: Trump felt humiliated by Carroll's teasing. He wanted to put her in her place.

Basically, the defense is saying she should have screamed because that is proof that she was victimized.

That is the kinda thing that makes me want to scream.




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