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What a GREAT Time to be Alive!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/17/2018 16:52:24

Congrats to everyone for living during this exciting time period! Look at how we are making America Great Again, from crying over raccoons scaling tall buildings to the sweet, sweet sounds of little children ripped from their parents! Oh, and a happy Fathers day to them. (As well as to our President).

The Coal mines are cranking up, Asbestos is cool again, investments in private prisons and detention centers are way up, it's once again safe to dump toxins in the water and brown and black people are scared! It's the America we've all dreamed of!

And, lest we forget, we are all so much safer today thanks to our fabulous deal with North Korea.

Quick recap of all that this GREAT president has done lately:
Only a month ago, you might have to wonder and fret at the possibility that the baker you were hiring to make pastries might also serve those deviant homo's. (shudder). Well, no more! Now, just look for this symbol on any store and feel at ease that no perversions will befall your creme puffs.


Are you one of those "sciency" people that believe in "climate change" and "round planets"? Well you are an idiot. That's, frankly, the nicest thing I can say about you. Thanks to Donald Trump, we don't need brainy people here - we just need lots and lots of jobs. President Trump is making it easier for you to get good jobs in coal and gas/oil and chemical production. He's also saving us billions of dollars that were wasted on programs like NASA monitoring our climate. We have a climate, why monitor it?

Trump administration has ended NASA's Carbon Monitoring System, a $10-million-per-year effort to fund pilot programs intended to improve the monitoring of global carbon emissions.

Alongside that, we will be saving money when we cut this nonsense of studying (!) from our budget:

In its FY2019 budget and addendum, the Trump administration has proposed sweeping rollbacks to U.S. programs designed to study and mitigate the effects of climate change, as well as cuts to research on renewable energy.

With the combined money we'll be saving when we end the War Games that we did that kept Japan and South Korea safe, we can build more detention centers for this kids! The Trump/Kim dictator deal showed what a super Great dealmaker he is!

By the way, did you see the video?! Simply amazing. Oscar-worthy! Not just Oscar worthy, Tony and Grammy and Emmy award winning!! He can put those awards next to his Nobel Peace Price.

The only thing he's yet to accomplish is locking Hillary up, but we know that's coming soon.

Yes, thanks to our great leader, everyone in America is safer and richer and happier. Am I right?

Now, back to re-stock my wet bar and medicine cabinet.


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Comment by AuntAzalea on 06/17/2018 23:48:09