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Author: Raine    Date: 02/22/2021 14:05:12

From the Washinton DC National Cathedral: Today, Monday, February 22, "The Cathedral will toll the Bourdon bell 500 times, once for every 1,000 American COVID-19 deaths. The toll is expected to take about 45-50 minutes."

Half-million lives lost.

500,000. Some of our friends, family, or aquaintances. Maybe they were separated by a degree or two or even six.

Imagine for a moment The city of Atlanta or Miami being wiped off the map. Those cities have about the same number of people living there that have been claimed by the virus that the previous administration mismanaged (and I say that with extreme kindness).

Carrying all 500,000 people would require a caravan of 9,804 buses that would stretch 94.7 miles

This dark winter of our lives cannot end soon enough.



6 comments (Latest Comment: 02/22/2021 15:52:07 by livingonli)
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Comment by TriSec on 02/22/2021 14:32:12
Good Morning.

I remember "Bear" Gibbons, a kind and gentle old Scouter with untold stories and wisdom...

Succumbed to Covid-19 in early January, age 70.

Instead of busses, I think in aviation - Since the Boeing 777 is in the news today, it would require 1,370 of them. That would be a line of over 6,850 miles of aircraft at minimum separation.

Comment by Will in Chicago on 02/22/2021 14:41:55
Good morning, bloggers!!!!

I have known many who have lost people close to them from COVID-19.

History will record that we could have prevented many of these deaths but we had those who could not govern refuse to govern and take steps to save lives.

Comment by wickedpam on 02/22/2021 14:42:18

Comment by BobR on 02/22/2021 14:57:58
Remember when the death toll hit 20k back in the early days, and we were aghast? Remember when it hit 250K?

It WILL go higher - there are a lot of people still "in the queue".

Imagine if this many people died in BENGHAZI

Comment by livingonli on 02/22/2021 15:52:07
Good morning.