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Stubby McStubface
Author: TriSec    Date: 09/20/2022 13:24:15

Sorry guys!

I was out late at a show last night. The long delayed Pet Shop Boys and New Order here at the tent on the waterfront in Boston.

This was a covid show - my friend had been sitting on the tickets since 2019!

In any case, a fine time was had by all.

I'm off to a doctor's appointment soon, so it's likely that AAV will return to it's regularly-scheduled time slot next week.

2 comments (Latest Comment: 09/20/2022 17:28:42 by TriSec)
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Comment by Raine on 09/20/2022 15:06:54
Good Morning.

Also heads up:

Comment by TriSec on 09/20/2022 17:28:42
Sounded like a challenge. Here is the charter company:

Ultimate Air Shuttle

Ultimate Jet is the parent company. A gentleman named Stephen West is their current CEO. The owner is a person named Steven Kadoch.

The interwebs have not been helpful in sussing out any GOP ties for either of these gentlemen.