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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 12/30/2007 13:35:54

Warning: the following commentary may contain sarcasm.

According to my backwards bush clock, we must still suffer another 386 days with this “administration”. I use quotes because I really believe this group of people more closely resembles a mafia. I never watched that hit show, The Soprano’s, but I’ve seen the Godfather I and II and one of my favorite films is GoodFella’s. I just adore that scene in the diner with DeNiro and Liotta and that nifty camera trick where they dolly back while focusing in on the table. But I digress…

In my opinion what we have is a Texas Mafia. Stolen elections to secure their “turf”, which happens to be our country; hiring of their own wise guys and hitmen; protecting their own by whatever means possible; and raking in a ton of dough for all their friends and investors.

So, how come we can’t seem to impeach these guys? It seemed so easy with Bill Clinton. One day a vague story about an intern showing her panties off – the next day…WHAM! Impeachment! (It may have taken longer, but I was in the midst of getting clean and sober so time was irrelevant to me).

Here’s the thing. If this is the way we are going to run our country – like a mafia, then we need to take back Nixon’s impeachment. After all, he was just doing what any good “Godfather” would do, yes? Nixon so systematically abused the powers of the presidency and so threatened the rule of law that he should now be hailed as a hero. I submit to you that we must demand that Congress write articles of un-impeachment and posthumously honor this great criminal!

He was impeached for the following crimes, all of which have been committed by Bush and/or Cheney and most of his administ…, er, crew:
1. Obstruction of Justice: Nixon lied about knowledge of the Watergate break-in, and then was involved in a cover-up of the break-in. This is petty compared to the lying that bush and his henchmen have done.
2. Abuse of Power: WOW! The DC mob really could have taught Nixon a few things. Times certainly have changed. While Nixon illegally wiretapped a few reporters and government aides in an attempt to find a leak, The Bush Gang have illegally wiretapped thousands of American citizens in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). They may have been directly involved in the destruction of evidence of torture. (These guys have nothing but scorn for the UN and the Geneva Conventions). Oh, and they also mislead Americans into a war with Iraq. Nixon was such a wimp!
3. Contempt of Congress. Our team has really shown improvement in this area. Subpoenas? Hahahaha. They can’t be bothered with subpoenas. It’s like the local beat cop trying to give Michael Corleone a citation for carrying a concealed weapon.

The independent prosecutor who stood up to Nixon, Archibald Cox said, "Whether ours shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now for Congress and ultimately the American people." If only he were alive today he would be dismayed at the direction that Congress has chosen. And not just Congress, the Corporate media has also conspired to turn a blind eye and allow criminal activity become the norm.

So if this is the direction that Congress is going to take us – Mafia style – then I say “UN-IMPEACH NIXON”. Give Tricky Dick back his dignity, and while we’re at it, lets put him on the 5-dollar bill. We don’t need to honor Abe “Goody-two-shoes” Lincoln.


In the recent news: Bush has finally signed the Child Health Program extension after vetoing it twice before. Guess he’s throwing a bone to the little chil’ens to show what a compassionate Don he can be.

Benazir Bhutto’s 19 year-old son, Bilawal, has taken over as her party’s leader, though it is doubtful he will run for President. Elections in Pakistan will be put on hold.

And keep your eyes on Kenya. The recent election fraud has been throwing the country further into violence.

It’s Sunday, which probably means there is some sort of sordid football tragedy on the teevee today. Ugh! No doubt ya’ll will be glued to watching these wife-beating, dog abusing ruffians in tight pants knocking each other around in the cold.

And it’s the last Sunday before the New Years, so allow me to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. A reminder to please be safe, on this upcoming New Years Eve, which those of us in recovery refer to as “the night when all the amateurs drink”!

I’ll end with this great scene from my favorite Scorsese film, since I’ve mentioned it. Here we have a clip of the Billy Batts scene, a re-enactment of this current mafia. Featuring Joe Pesci as George W. Bush, DeNiro as Donald Rumsfield and Ray Liotta as Alberto Gonzalez, Directed by Dick Cheney:

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