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The Losey Awards
Author: Raine    Date: 12/31/2007 13:22:38

After tonite, 2007 will be just a memory. It is hard to believe that this is the end of this calendar. Time to start a new one.

We have a lot to do in 2008. I myself will be actively participating in getting a democrat elected to office. But before we say goodbye to this year. I would like to give you my list of the biggest dolt's and loser's of the year.

The Finalists:

Alberto Gonzales: For doing nothing in the justice department that could even be considered legal, and instead using the department as George Bush's secretary pool. The man should still go to jail for what he did.

Larry Craig: Entertaining, but still, I mean, come one... He is the leader of turning the GOP in the Gay Old Party. Larry led the charge of so many gay sex scandals this year, including State Rep. Bob Allen, State Rep Richard Curtis, GOP county Chair Green bay Wisconsin, Donald Fleischman, and Glenn Murphy Jr, National Chairman of the Young Republicans

George Bush: for treating the entire world like a bunch of idiots. Oh wait, I guess he is just talking to us the best way he can. Also for not reading the Constitution. Oh and for lying about Iran. And for lying about Iraq. And for lying about FISA, and awww, hell... it is a new year... I will take it easy on him for this one day. At least he got rid of Turblossom, aka, the Vote Cager...

The 25% of people who still support George Bush: Sorry friends. But I think these people would support him if HE ran a dog fighting ring. All he'd have to do is call it waterboarding.

Michael Vick: For throwing everything away. What a waste. Maybe he should have used the waterboarding defense. He could have had those 25% of bush supporter's on his side.

... but the Winner of the Losiest is.....
The Pentagon:

this is a partial list, and these are some of the more heinous actions from the department that brought us the gay bomb...
  • For asking soldiers to repay the enlistment bonuses;

  • For sending the longest Serving National Guard Unit home after 729 days of combat--- ONE DAY shy of the 730 that they needed to qualify for education Benefits;

  • For omitting 20,000 cases of brain injuries from the casualty count on Iraq;

  • For denial of medical benefits to 22,000 Veterans that suffer from POST-traumatic Stress Disorder by discharging them for enlisting with "pre-existing personality Disorders".

So that is it, the last monday of the year, our last blog entry of the year. Be safe time tonite! if you are gonna drive, don't drink and you are gonna drink, don't drive!

As always, and :heart:

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