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I blame Howard Taft!!!
Author: Raine    Date: 07/12/2010 12:46:35

While we are all a buzz about the insanity that is Michelle Bachmann, Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, I think it's time to go back to Georgia-- and Representative Paul Broun. This weekend, he informed us that he would like to revoke the 16th and the 17 amendments. Why you ask? It's socialist.

Yes, Income taxes and electing Senators are the very things that set the nation on the road to socialism. It's Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson's fault.
BROUN: Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson started this process of socializing America, and they did it with the, Woodrow Wilson, particularly, pushes the 16th amendment that taxes income directly, and the 17th amendment that allows the direct elect of US senators, because the US senators intially were supposed to represent the states. [...] I’d like to see the 16th amendment and the 17th amendment to be repealed finally, and that’s going to be a long process.
You may recall that prior to the implementation of the 17th Amendment, US senators were elected by a state legislature. Basically, Mr. Broun is calling for more government control over elections. I find this to be an interesting stand to take during a time when many on the right are screaming for smaller government. I suppose in Broun's mind this means more states rights. This could be why he thinks repealing the 16th amendment would work. While he is screaming for smaller government, I believe he is forgetting that we would need to MORE amendments to repeal number 16 and 17. That would mean MORE intrusive governance instead of the less that Broun is calling for. It's ironic, actually. I wonder how his own Senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson feel about this.

It's amazing to me that we on the left have basically been told we can't blame the previous occupant of the White House anymore, but the Republicans are allowed to blame President's (from their own party ) that haven't been in office for nearly a century. Jon stewart had it wrong, when he said this:

Everything that happened under George W. Bush, even 8 years into his presidency was somehow President Clinton's Fault.
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The GOP -- and its media wing, Fox News actually doesn't blame Clinton for everything, they blame Roosevelt and Wilson too. While we are at it, it should be noted that it was actually Howard Taft who proposed the income tax that led to the passing of the 16th amendment. Everyone, it seems is part of the conspiracy to make this a socialist nation.

The modern day GOP (1980-present) is never EVER to be blamed for anything. They Actually have solutions. The catch is that all of them go backwards. That not conservatism -- that's regressionism.


Broun Bonus Click: The BP Oil Spill was an inside job by the Obama administration.

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