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He's an Independent
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/29/2012 16:13:22

That's Trump, Donald J, where I think the 'J' may stand for "just kidding". Yes, the Donald may grace America by saving us from ourselves. "The country is going to hell in a handbasket" he recently said two minutes ago. (Yes, I know, I overslept again and now I'm writing whilst watching the Sunday morning news shows).

Why has it taken so long for The Donald to save us? Where has he been? Well, his hands have been tied... seems he cannot run for office and do his TV show "Celebrity Apprentice" at the same time! What's a man to do? How can he make that tough decision? Save America on one hand, do a TV 'reality' show with BIG stars like, um, ..... Gary Busey and Star Jones and Arsenio Hall on the other hand. For Gods sake! Which hand would you choose?

Donald Trump could beat Obama if he won; for proof I looked at the Donald's twitter account, he is being followed by 980,000 plus people many of them actual Americans and many of them girls of voting age with names like "SexyTwitterJen" and "See_my_pix058380". Donald is following 16 people, all are either family members or FOX news hosts. Meanwhile Barack Obama only has 12,211,000 plus, but many of those are only following him because he's a celebrity. (Hey, here's an idea, maybe they could switch jobs. That would solve Trumps problem).

Here is how Donald can win. He can use his celebrity appeal to do video's addressing how he would run the country and put them on YouTube with links on his twitter and other social media. In them, he should disable comments or he might just get one or two negative reviews. It's a great idea! He can say whatever he wants and he can control the message completely even editing them to stay on point and look fabulous!

Crap. He's already doing this. And I so hoped I could have sold him the idea. Here's how he would have handled Libya, by managing the entire problem just like you might some drug deal with dock workers. He is SUCH the deal-maker!

I watched a few of these. In some, he directly speaks to President Obama. I'm sure the President is listening.

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