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4F Message board problems/IPB free problems.
Author: Raine    Date: 10/15/2007 23:24:38

Four Freedoms Message board is currently experiencing some strangeness. Please post your particular issues here and we will report it as soon as possible to alleviate the problems. Sorry guys. I know it sucks, but I hope you know we are here for all you posting needs! Blog away! Edit.... I have temporarily taken Four Freedoms offline... Please feel free to post here. This really sux. I am sorry guys. As soon as I feel good about getting 4F back up, I will do it. (that sounded dirty, didn't it?) Edit part duex: (10:36 PM, Monday night) IPB free seems to be under attack. (see inside for more details) The 4F message board will remain offline to prevent our members from this vulnerability. You can contact the staff at our links sections and we will be creating new blog posts as needed until the board is back up.

26 comments (Latest Comment: 10/16/2007 15:32:10 by Raine)
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