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Busy Day
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 07/08/2012 14:18:26

When Mitt Romney becomes president on Jan. 20, 2013 he's gonna have a busy, busy day. In fact he may need to work long into the hours of the night, demanding that Congress extend the day so that he can accomplish all he's promised.

Day one of being president is mostly reserved for things like inaugural celebrations including parties, parade, fireworks, speeches, old Presidents flying away in shame, bands playing, more speeches, and of course, the actual inauguration. Often the evening is taken up with more parties and a dinner. Maybe Mitt and Anne don't want all that? Maybe they just want to ride up the the White House and have John Roberts do his swearing in thing quickly, then retreat into the house without one bell or whistle?

Knowing what little I do about the Romneys, I highly doubt it! These are people who like to talk about themselves.

So, after all those things, Mitt will have just a few hours left in the day to accomplish these things:

1. Approve the Keystone pipeline, (aka the Koch Bros Pipes). Even if he could just sign this into action with the sweep of his well-mannicured hand, he still has promised to "make every effort to safeguard the environment", and that alone will take more than one 1/2 day of research.

2. Introduce tax cuts. Really? And people are falling for this?

3. Issue an order to replace President Obama's health care law with "common sense health care reform."
What the Court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected president.

I hope your health care replacement plan is really simple, cause you'll only have a few hours to put it in place and get all the states to agree. Hey, maybe you could use that plan that you had in MA..... oh, never mind.

4. Announce deficit reductions. Ok, you're cheating here, one could argue that announcing something is way different than actually doing something. For instance, I am now formally announcing that I will NOT sit around in my pajama bottoms and a dirty t-shirt all day, and instead will get dressed to the 9's and fly to Haiti to save starving children by providing them food and medical treatment all day today.

5. Stand up to China on trade. Yeah, kinda like batting a hornets nest and running away really, really, fast. This is gonna take more than one day, even Nixon knew this.

6. Begin repeal of "job killing regulations". He is unclear which job killing regulations that he's referring to. Either way, I'm pretty sure Congress will not be in session on that day, and in order to repeal things, you're gonna need their help.

Well, Mitt, I'm beginning to think your first day in office is going to look a lot like my day today, though I'm sure you won't have coffee dribble down the front of your t-shirt since you don't drink the stuff.

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