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Welcome Black People!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 10/07/2012 14:11:55

Open today, as I've overslept.
Here is an item to discuss or puke over:

Once again Republicans are claiming they must distance themselves from one of there own. The list of them that aren't being included in the Christmas news letter grows:

on Hubbard, a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, has written a new book in which he says slavery was "a blessing" for African-Americans, among other questionable statements.

Hubbard, a first term Republican from Jonesboro, Ark., makes a series of racially charged statements in the self-published book, including saying that integration of schools is hurting white students, that African slaves had better lives under slavery than in Africa, that blacks are not contributing to society, and that a situation is developing the United States which is similar to that of Nazi Germany.

The questionable statements in Hubbard's book, "Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative," were first reported by Arkansas Times and TalkBusiness.net..

This book was written in 2009. Now, believe it or not, Rep Hubbard has actually blessed us with a response to the controversy. And it couldn't be more amusing and scary at the same time.

Obama-Pelosi-Beebe Democrats, led by left-wing bloggers, have attacked me over a book I wrote in 2008. They attacked me because I'm a conservative, and they've taken small portions of my book out of context, and distorted what was said to make it appear that I am racist, which is totally and completely false.

Yep, this is indeed how his email response begins. I kid you not!

He then proceeds to confirm his racist views and actually dig the hole deeper:

For those of us who claim to be Christians, we have come to learn that when God bestows a blessing upon us, he often will also present us with a challenge to go along with that blessing, and sometimes that challenge is an almost insurmountable one. For Moses and the children of Israel, it was forty years of wandering in the wilderness. For those castoffs and indentured servants from other lands who were to make up the core of what would become the United States of America, it was to follow a dream that had never before been successfully accomplished. And for our brothers and sisters of the black race, as hard as it may be to understand and appreciate, slavery just might have been a blessing in disguise, as well as their most difficult challenge ever. Maybe, just maybe, God had a plan for what he allowed to happen.

And more:
The question now is, with the black race several generations into this process, will they allow themselves to take advantage of the gift that was given to them, and redeem those trials and tribulations of their ancestors? Blacks today must ask themselves, "Is their life better spent as U.S. citizens living in America, or as African tribesmen living in grass huts and constantly searching for their food?" Is life better for black Americans to be living in an America that is still evolving in its understanding of what it means to be a multicultural nation, or would they be more content living under the same conditions as those endured by most living in Africa today? Wouldn't life for blacks in American today be more enjoyable and successful if they would only learn to appreciate the value of a good education?

(Yes, I too, often wonder why it is that blacks don't appreciate the value of a good education. Perhaps Rep. Hubbard should volunteer to go out and interview some descendants of slaves and ask them why that is).

Oh, those lucky, lucky black people. They would never have been smart enough to come to this most welcoming county back in its early history unless we had intervened on their behalf and forced them here. If only they'd looked out of their grass huts and seen how nicely we treated the natives, surely they would have come here to live!

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