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CSI- GOP: Season 10
Author: Raine    Date: 03/20/2013 13:13:37

Ten years ago... Ten years ago...

We found ourselves in the middle of shock and awe. We spoke out, we protested against this invasion of Iraq. We were called unpatriotic; we were called traitors for being outspoken and anti war. 10 years ago... The media was complicit as they simply fed directly to America and the world the lies of the Bush administration. The lies.

The lies. They are documented. We were lied to in order to justify a war that was not needed, but wanted by the powers at the time.
Tyler Drumheller, the former head of the CIA in Europe, also claimed that he passed warnings about Curveball's claims up the chain of command, while Mr Hanning said he sent a cable to George Tenet, who was then director of the CIA. Mr Tenet denies receiving the warnings, the programme said.

Joschka Fischer, the former German foreign minister, said US colleagues were warned about the information. However, he told Panorama: "They were not in a state, or a mindset to be warned."
Peter Taylor, a Panorama reporter, asked Curveball: "The fact is we went to war in Iraq on a lie. And that lie was your lie." "Yes," he replied, smiling.

A claim from another source given to French security services, which suggested that Iraq was buying large amounts of uranium ore, is said to have spread like "contagion" through the intelligence community. Pierre Brochand, the former head of France's foreign intelligence agency, told the programme: "We felt that intelligence was used to justify a war, which was a war of choice, of pure choice. But the intelligence was used to disguise that as a war of necessity."

Mushroom clouds, WMD's, Al Qaeda in Iraq; they were all lies told to us. Without those lies, they wouldn't have gotten this bloody, deadly, evil war.

10 years later we still feel the pain. We see our citizens dying. Our returning troops struggle. Suicide rates are astonishing. Iraqi's are still dying. Brits and other coalition troops and families still suffer from these lies. Neo-conservatism brought us a war of lies that was never paid for. No one is in jail. Some were given medals of freedom for their lies, others are celebrated over at Fox news. Many are now heads of think tanks making millions of dollars. Some received a new heart-- paid for by taxpayers, which is ironic, since that could not be said about Iraq until we elected a President with a D after his name. I could go so far to say that he was the first officially and properly elected President since 1996. They lied in 2000 and 2004 as well.

Ten years later, I wish I could say we were wrong. I wish we could, but we were right. We were right about all of it. We still suffer the blowback from these lies. It's both foreign and domestic, in ways that people still haven't comprehended.
The cost to the U.S. treasury is some $2 trillion dollars, and much more when account is taken of the interest charges since, as in Vietnam, no taxes were raised to pay for the expenses.

One of the heaviest costs is that the war in Iraq allowed the Taliban in Afghanistan to recover so that war continues after 12 years of killing there. Almost as heavy a cost is that Iraq and Iran are now allies, both aiding the dictator Bashar Assad in the murderous civil war in Syria.

Today, the U.S. is paying a special price for all those lies that once were so successful because so little challenged. The country’s politics are polarized, with Republicans and Democrats treating each other not as opponents but as enemies.

There are domestic reasons for this — the arguments about the size of government and about taxes versus spending cuts as the best way to shrink the deficit.
A major reason, though, is all the lying once done about Iraq. In Washington, few on either side now believe anything the other side says.

As multiplies the mistrust incomparably, back then Barack Obama opposed the war. What now motivates the hatred of him by so many of his contemporaries is that the he was right.
From yesterday's Ask A Vet:
American Deaths
Since war began (3/19/03): 4,488
Since "Mission Accomplished" (5/1/03): 4,347
Since Handover (6/29/04): 3,627
Since Obama Inauguration (1/20/09): 256
Since Operation New Dawn: 66

Other Coalition Troops - Iraq: 319
Contractor Employee Deaths - Iraq: 1,487
Journalists - Iraq : 348
Academics Killed - Iraq: 448

That is only a fraction of this deadly story. Just take a look here.

It's criminal what they have done not just to our country, but to Iraq and the world.

Their criminality continues in the USA with their voting schemes, district rigging and outright voter fraud, just to name a few things. They lie to Americans about the debt, social security medicare and medicaid -- the willfully lie in order to justify yet more wars: Wars on the middle class, women, LGBT people, minorities, immigrants, the poor, the elderly -- the others.

Now after so many years of lies beginning taking a toll on them at the voting booths, the came out with a report, recommending what they need to do in order to convince more people to vote for them. This is not a shift in Republican ideology, this is merely moving deck chairs in order to look prettier, nicer -- in other words: it is a lie.
Among the report’s 219 prescriptions: a $10 million marketing campaign, aimed in particular at women, minorities and gays; a shorter, more controlled primary season and earlier national convention; and creation of an open data platform and analytics institute to provide research for Republican candidates.

Mississippi Committeeman Henry Barbour, Florida strategist Sally Bradshaw, former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, Puerto Rico Committewoman Zori Fonalledas and South Carolina Committeman Glenn McCall authored the report. (snip)

The $10 million outreach effort to includes hiring national political directors for Hispanic, Asian-Pacific and African American voters and elevating minorities within the party. “We’ve done a real lousy job sometimes of bragging about the success that we’ve had” with minorities, in particular Hispanic candidates, Priebus said. To target African Americans, he plans to launch a pilot project in 2013 mayoral races aimed at identifying and turning out potential supporters in urban areas.
Remember Ari? He was paid to lie on behalf of George W Bush during the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. He lies, and as a liar, he continues to find ways to lie to get people to believe their horrible deadly agenda. They are going to make it look like they are the party of inclusion by hiring the others. That isn't honest, that is trickery -- another way to lie.

Ten years later, these same people still lie to America. Sure a few faces have changed, but the messaging hasn't. What a horrible thing. What a damn deadly evil criminal horrible thing. I am not unpatriotic, I am an American who protests the lies. We were right then -- no matter how much some of us prayed we were wrong-- and I believe we are right now. Shit is shit, no matter how much its shined to look pretty, it will always be shit. Everyone knows that, except those that choose to believe the lies after they are told the truth. The GOP has to lie in order to get people to support them, and they know it. They don't even believe their own bullshit anymore. They would rather buy people's support They did that with Iraqis as well. They screwed that up too.



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