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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 04/21/2013 14:27:21

Good morning! Velveeta is sipping her morning coffee bundled up by the fire. Wait, what?!! I really, truly do not know how to explain this weather; it is not only late April - we're past the date of "no brown after Hiltler's birthday - we also are blessed to reside in the South, which doesn't have cold weather! Someone get Al Gore on the phone, I want answers.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a public service today and make some corrections. During and after the horrific events in Boston the last few days many public statements came out about terrorism, immigration and even gun laws. Now that the, figurative and literal, smoke is clearing we should go back and adjust these statements. I've removed offensive words and replaced them with something more accurate.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa),made a statement during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Friday where he tied the issue to the Boston bombings despite the fact that the "immigrants" in question had lived here for 10 years and were American.

Given the events of this week, it’s important for us to understand the gaps and loopholes in our immigration system. While we don’t yet know the immigration status of the people who have terrorized the communities in Massachusetts, when we find out, it will help shed light on the weaknesses of our system.

How can individuals AMERICANS evade authorities and plan such attacks on our soil? How can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the US WHITE MEN WHO LIVE IN THE US? How do we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws, including this new bill before us?

Well said Sen. Grassley, I can agree with you on a few of those points, though that wouldn't have helped with McVeigh or Rudolph e.g. Based on them, maybe we should expand our "paranoia net" to include all white men who served in the military. Wonder how large the net is now? Anyway, I digress.

Did ya'll know that once popular game show host Chuck Woolery was still alive? I did not, I thought he'd been dead for awhile. Was I ever wrong! Not only is he alive, at least technically, he is very opinionated about things. Mostly, things that don't make sense, but at least he has an opinion. He is also a prolific tweeter. But I guess he has plenty of time on his hands these days.

I am having a hard time understanding why it is so distasteful to say that most if not all terrorists are Muslim RELIGIOUS MEN.
There ya go Chuck, corrected for ya. You're welcome.

There's a guy in Arkansas who got elected to the state senate by the name of Nate Bell. He's seems so nice, here's one of his tweets while Boston was in lockdown:

I wonder how many Boston liberals PEOPLE spent the night cowering SLEEPING in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a high capacity magazine? PRAYING FOR A SAFE RESOLUTION TO THIS CRISIS?

Funny thing here, little state Senator from a small Southern state - Nate Bell doesn't believe in the power of the internets! His odious tweet went through the "tubes" and even people as far away as Boston, saw it. He then had to post an apology on his FB page, but Bostonians just don't let that kind of stuff slide.

Of course the nuttiness doesn't end with a few tweets from small town Senators and washed up game show hosts. Alex Jones says that this was really the work of the FBI and these guys are just pawns. He predicts this "terrorist" in the hospital will die ("dead men tell no tales") and that the tea party movement will be blamed. All so there can be more security groping at sporting events. It's all Obama's fault.

The New York Post made a couple of typo's in a few articles, but there is not enough space on the interwebs to correct them all. But I'm sure that there will be a large apology coming shortly. We'll wait.

Thankfully, we'll soon learn who the real bomber was, when Glenn Beck tells us tomorrow. It has something to do with a false flag involving a Saudi national who is a "bad" x3 "man" and the Department of Homeland Security and.... I dunno. But (SPOILER ALERT) he's going to tell us that Obama is behind it all. Get your popcorn ready!

Yes, from Sean Hannity to Dana Loesch to BillO these have been days when I think I'd like to be in lockdown; at least in lockdown from these people.

Speaking of lockdown. Anonymous is calling for an internet black out tomorrow to protest THIS. I think I'll be joining in.

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