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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 09/29/2013 13:44:39

Ted Cruz spoke for 21 + hours, all on taxpayers dime, just so we could learn his stance on the White Castle controversy. He is Pro White Castle burger. Though, to be fair, we also learned that he has Grandkids who like Dr. Seuss; and thus read the American people a book with only 50 words in it, many that repeat.

Unfortunately, Sen. Cruz is too "Independent" to understand the irony of his reading Green Eggs and Ham while protesting Obamacare during his fake filibuster. Independent used to mean that someone wanted to vote against the status quo. Now it's just a polite way to say "stupid". As in, "I don't vote for either party because really, they're both exactly the same, so I'm INDEPENDENT!"

The fact that the protagonist of the book eventually succumbs to eating the green eggs and ham and ends up loving them, seems completely lost on Mr. Cruz. As well as that the character will go to any lengths to avoid eating these green eggs and ham - not in a box or with a fox or in a house or with a mouse, nor here or there - sounds a lot like "death panels" and the like. But again, many in that party may be too "Independent" to see this!

I went on the government site that provides information about Obamacare and found nothing about death panels even though I did a thorough search. I did however, find some info on a little news web site called: World Net Daily. I read the article about how these "death panels" will kill old people and I think I found the answer! After reading this article several times, often re-reading paragraphs out loud trying to comprehend them, I really wanted to kill myself.

So, to sum up. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to debate a subject that wasn't even up for debate in the Senate and was not a filibuster by definition. All the while wasting our tax dollars in doing so. Only to convince many of us that he does a lame impression of Darth Vador and like White Castle burgers.

Is he going to run for President? If so, I may actually send money to Sarah Palin to run against him. Or, we could have a Palin/Cruz ticket. That sounds nice. But not nearly as much fun as a Bachmann/Cruz ticket! Oh dear...

I wonder if Michele Bachmann is a fan of White Castle burgers?

One thing I'm a huge fan of: when, one day many years from now, Obamacare is working and people have some sort of health care (and we're beginning to talk about Single Payer) the fact that Republicans named a successful program after a Democratic President will really be a burning hemorrhoid to many in that party. That just doesn't seem fair. So, in honor of his love for green meat, junk fast food and talking too long, all patriotic Americans shall henceforth refer to diarrhea episodes as "Ted Cruzing". As in: "Oh, I think that Sushi was really bad, I've got serious Ted Cruz".

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