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Open Sunday
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 10/19/2014 14:20:27

Overslept after working late last night.

Meanwhile, don't forget to continue to panic over Ebola. There is this:

"I've been exposed to an Ebola pilot," said one Fort Worth man in a 911 call he made this week.

The man, 55 years old, but otherwise unidentifiable, called from his seat at a Fort Worth restaurant, asking for an ambulance for himself and a man seated near him because of that man's conversation the caller overheard.

911 Operator: Sir, sir, listen to me. There's an airline pilot there and he told you he had Ebola?

Caller: Yes, he has been exposed. He came out of West Africa.

911 Operator: He came from West Africa?

Caller: From a European environment. Yep he has.

911 Operator: You said you were exposed?

Caller: I'm sitting next to him. And he has been on a flight from European countries.

911 Operator: Is it just that you've been exposed, or are you having any of the symptoms?

Caller: I'm sitting next to him and having dinner. And he just revealed that he's been in the European countries, including west Africa.

911 Operator: Ok, and are you having any chills or sweats?

Caller: I am not exposed. I am not having any indications.


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