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Priorities, Priorities
Author: BobR    Date: 2014-10-22 10:24:31

If you've turned on the news recently, you'd think there was an ebola epidemic occurring here in America. Every news cycle supplies breathless new updates about the 3 - count 'em 3 - people in the U.S. that contracted ebola. Apparently the pet dog of one of the patients has been cleared, though, so that's good news.

The ebola "crisis" supplants the previous must-do-something-now urgency of the situation in the Middle East with ISIL. Despite the lack of coverage, they are still there, and they are still doing horrific things, but no Americans have been executed recently (at least - not over there. Texas may be a different story), so there's been "nothing to report". Sure they've gotten their hands on American armaments meant for the Kurds (or taken from retreating Iraqi troops), but hey - that just means more American jobs building replacements. Ooops.

The Republicans and other non-partisan Obama-haters are blaming the president for this ebola crisis. Why doesn't he have someone in place to handle this, like - oh, I don't know - a Surgeon General? Oh yeah - that's because the Republicans blocked his nomination because the nation's top doctor thinks getting shot is bad for your health. One thing Republican politicians really hate (besides the truth) is having their obvious anti-American actions pointed out, so they are laughably trying to blame the president for not nominating a gun-slinger to the position. This would make great satire except that sadly it's all true.

President Obama did appoint an ebola "czar" (a term/position which the Republicans hate except for this time or when Republican presidents do it). In addition, one of the actions the Obama administration has put into place is to ensure that travelers from afflicted countries in Africa can only enter the United States via a handful of airports that are equipped to screen and handle potential carriers. Will this be enough for Republicans? We'll have to see if John McCain starts singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Liberia...".

Because let's face it - the only thing Republicans like spending tax dollars on is the military (and by "military" I mean hardware from the military-industrial complex, not soldiers' health care). Americans can starve for all they care as long as they can bomb someone. And forget about science - that stuff just plain goes against the 1st Amendment right to not establish religion. Because to them, science is like a type of religion - do you believe in global warming?... do you believe in gravity?... do you believe the earth is round? Jesus rode a dinosaur, you know - the preacher told me so. Carbon-dating is the devil's work.

With all that money going to build bombs and a fence high enough to keep Guatemalan toddlers out, something else has to give. That something else is studying the universe outside of our atmosphere - in particular looking for comets that might strike the earth. The Republicans don't want to spend money on nonsense like that - until... well - you know.

Because we all know that if a comet strikes earth, it will be Obama's fault, just like not having a Surgeon General approved is Obama's fault, and a lack of security at Benghazi due to funding cuts was Obama's fault. It has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Republican's blocking funding and obstructing - nothing at all. They complain he isn't doing anything - until he does, and then they complain he's abusing his powers and being all dictatorial.

When the Republicans' main contribution to the country is the political equivalent of "stop hitting yourself", it's time to replace them with people who have a sense of priority.


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