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Breakin' News.
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/25/2015 14:54:55

Looks like Sarah Palin may be testin' the waters to run in 2016.

Good slogans for her include:
Keepin' her eye on Russia from her home - Sarah Palin in 2016
You can't speel "Pain in Ass" without Sarah Palin 2016
Please watch my reality tv show Sarah Palin's Alaska where we kill animals - Vote 2016

Sarah Palin, you also can't spell Piranha's without her.


Yes, Sarah Palin, famous animal cruelty spokesperson. By that I mean she's FOR animal cruelty. She should use that in any potential campaign.

Who can forget her rattling on about the economy or whatever..... bombing Iran? Who could listen, while a man behinds her mutilates a turkey.

Ah, good times!

We can barely hope for a better republican dream team, can we not? Sarah, Donald, Mike Huckabee (who recently said God wanted him to be President to get rid of atheists or some such nonsense), "Dr" Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rand.... come on Rick Santorum we need your frothy mix of love and excitement!

We have a long road ahead. Let's be careful out there. Seriously, there's a blizzard coming to parts of the east coast. Remember, when it's cold out global warming isn't happening, so be thankful about that.

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