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Throw Back Thursday:
Author: Raine    Date: 03/05/2015 14:09:23

As in I fully expect to throw my back out today.We are supposed to get a lot of very wet and heavy snow.

Anyway, In a world where it seems like there is nothing but bad news. I personally think this is very good news.
POLK CITY, Fla. (AP) — The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will phase out the show's iconic elephants from its performances by 2018, telling The Associated Press exclusively that growing public concern about how the animals are treated led to the decision.

Executives from Feld Entertainment, Ringling's parent company, said the decision to end the circus's century-old tradition of showcasing elephants was difficult and debated at length. Elephants have often been featured on Ringling's posters over the decades. The decision is being announced Thursday.

"There's been somewhat of a mood shift among our consumers," said Alana Feld, the company's executive vice president. "A lot of people aren't comfortable with us touring with our elephants."
They can say that it wasn't public pressure all they want; this time the market - along with legislation that pushed these changes - decided.

The idea of circuses are changing.
Feld noted that when his father bought the circus in 1967, there was still a human sideshow featuring acts such as the bearded lady and other human oddities. His father did away with that, he said.

"We're always changing and we're always learning," he said.

In 2008, Feld acquired a variety of motor sports properties, including monster truck shows, motocross and the International Hot Rod Association, which promotes drag races and other events. In 2010, it created a theatrical motorcycle stunt show called Nuclear Cowboyz. Roughly 30 million people attend one of Feld's 5,000 live entertainment shows every year.


Since we are talking about how things have changed, and things that can be changed, here is an epic letter regarding climate change.


Now if only the inhumane circus we call Congress would change with the times as well.



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