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Thank you George W. Bush
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 04/05/2015 13:34:42

Hey, remember this guy?

This guy and his buddies said we should invade Iraq. They said the Iraqi leader was "evil".
We also know that Iraq is harboring a terrorist network headed by a senior al Qaeda terrorist planner. This network runs a poison and explosive training camp in northeast Iraq, and many of its leaders are known to be in Baghdad.

George W. Bush, Feb. 23, 2003

Remember how we were supposed to be "greeted as liberators" and that we would witness a "free and sovereign Iraq"? Remember those?

Yes, the Good Ol' Days, when Saddam was a bad guy who harbored terrorists and was to be blamed for the 9/11 attack. Happier days when the Iraqi city of Tikrit was freed from the iron grips of Saddam Hussein supported fighters; and once 'Merica stepped in, Tikrit became a wonderful place which would have topped your vacation hot spots.

Problem though came after we chased out all those Al-Queda fighters and Iraq was free - another group discovered the vacation paradise of Tikrit and moved in. ISIS or ISIL if you prefer, took the city of Tikrit in June of 2014. And who are these guys you ask? Well, many of them are members of Saddam's inner circle which either escaped or we let go after first taking away their guns.

The raw cruelty of Hussein’s Baathist regime, the disbandment of the Iraqi army after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, the subsequent insurgency and the marginalization of Sunni Iraqis by the Shiite-dominated government all are intertwined with the Islamic State’s ascent, said Hassan Hassan, a Dubai-based analyst and co-author of the book “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror.”

“A lot of people think of the Islamic State as a terrorist group, and it’s not useful,” Hassan said. “It is a terrorist group, but it is more than that. It is a homegrown Iraqi insurgency, and it is organic to Iraq.”

The de-Baathification law promulgated by L.­ Paul Bremer, Iraq’s American ruler in 2003, has long been identified as one of the contributors to the original insurgency. At a stroke, 400,000 members of the defeated Iraqi army were barred from government employment, denied pensions — and also allowed to keep their guns.

The U.S. military failed in the early years to recognize the role the disbanded Baathist officers would eventually come to play in the extremist group, eclipsing the foreign fighters whom American officials preferred to blame, said Col. Joel Rayburn, a senior fellow at the National Defense University who served as an adviser to top generals in Iraq and describes the links between Baathists and the Islamic State in his book, “Iraq After America.”

Oh! Wait! We didn't take away their guns? Silly me. I just assumed that we'd ... um... okay maybe I forgot who we were dealing with.


Well good news! This week Tikrit was once again freed from the hands of the (this time ISIL) terrorists. But it wasn't us that freed them, nope: Iran. Yes, Iran who hated the rule of Saddam and his Ba'ath party - that Iran. Which means that really Iran and Iraq are just fighting again? I'm so confused.

But hey! Maybe we can't really said that Tikrit has been "freed" from the grips of terror, because they are looting and burning and killing today after the Iran backed troops move out. So.... there's that.

Well, what can I say. We have rioting in Kentucky over a fucking basketball game. (Whoops, sorry, it's not "rioting" when white college students do it).

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