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A brief observation
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/18/2015 09:36:07

Good Morning.

Troop 248 is meeting up to head west to Niagara Falls in about an hour (6:30 am), so I'll make this quick. I've crossed the border multiple times as a Scout - mostly up in Calais, Maine on the way to Nova Scotia.

Everybody knows that the best views of the falls are actually from Ontario, not New York....but we won't be going across the river this trip. What used to be the world's longest unguarded border has changed character over the last decade, but not necessarily because of 9-11.

Nay, it's the law of unintended consequences at play here - all the rules changed because of the "brown people" trying to get into the US from Mexico have also been put into effect for our neighbors to the north.

We thought about it, but the idea of making families get passports for the children for essentially a weekend trip....well, we decided to stay on American soil for this one.

In any case - we're off soon, and making a lengthy run on ye olde Mass Pike straight through to Buffalo. I'll check in at every stop on ye olde book of face, and we'll have some things to say from camp. That blog is still open Tuesday...and we'll see everyone when we get back on Wednesday morning!


Oh no, they turned the falls off!!!

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