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Author: TriSec    Date: 04/25/2015 12:44:49

Good Morning.

Last weekend we were away with ye olde Scout Troop at the fabulous Niagara falls. Unfortunately, that meant that two of our boys missed the road opener on the pitch...and the rest of the team got their butts kicked.

But we're back to full strength today for the home opener, so we'll see what is going on.

Meanwhile, our winter of discontent continues. My friend in Londonderry, NH reported snow flurries during her morning commute yesterday, and I drove past the snow farm that was established next to Fitton Field at Holy Cross in Worcester. There's not much left, but the pile over in the shady corner was still around a foot high and still mocking us.

But surely you can't talk about climate change with anyone these days. Like everything else, we've devolved into two camps - both of which have developed propaganda machines that would do Joe Goebbels proud. (Of course, one camp also has science on their side, which does help.)

I found it amusing that the President went to the Everglades this past week to make a big speech in Governor Scott's backyard...the same state that has suspended employees for even saying the words "global warming". Here governor, watch this video:

In any case, in a little while I'm going to dig out some of my winter gear and get ready to brave the conditions on the sideline. Veteran's Field in Waltham is on the high ground, and is exposed on 3 sides - it's always cold and windy up there, even in July.

I'd normally be starting to poke around the yard and garden about now...but I think the ground is still frozen.

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