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Author: TriSec    Date: 05/09/2015 10:45:58

Good Morning.

Sure getting an odd stretch of weather around here. Yesterday, I drove 42 miles from Central Massachusetts (Worcester) to Metrowest Boston (Waltham). I started out in beating sun, warm winds, and temperatures well above 80. Somewhere amid the moderate hills of Lincoln, I drove into Antarctica, and the temperature fell almost 30 degrees, reaching 57 before I reached my driveway.

It was a dramatic gradient, but it wasn't an ordinary springtime seabreeze cooling things off. We had a rare "back-door cold front", which is what we call it around here when a weather system arrives from the wrong direction - this front backed off the ocean onto the land, and ushered in a local temperature drop. (Curiously, it produced no rain and few clouds.)

Something like this is what we used to call "weather". Local changes and fluctuations used to be just that, weather. Over the last 20 years or so, snowstorms and cold snaps that occur in limited areas during the winter have somehow become indicators that "Global warming doesn't exist!" I believe it was Bob that mentioned once, then how come local heat waves in the summer aren't indicative that "Global warming is real?"

Ah, but poor Al Gore and the scientists that invented the thing...we shot ourselves in the foot with the name. You can tell someone's political stripe by what they call it. Global climate change is far more indicative of what is going on. The weather system of this planet is vast, ever-changing, and all interconnected. Probably no link at all, but California is in a massive drought right now. The atmosphere still contains the same amount of water and cloud that it always has. So where is it going? Maybe the changes in the machinery of the weather shifted those storms that the Sierra Nevadas would have gotten all the way out here to the Berkshires?

So folks in the Southeast are dealing with this:


Remember when hurricane season was June 1 - November 1? With changing climate, changing ocean temperatures, and changing wind and moisture patters, maybe one day we'll have hurricanes at any time of year. Meanwhile, the world spins on its axis, and the one nation that could influence everyone pretends this doesn't exist. Think about that canary in a coal mine - "Hurricanes in May" has that same ring, doesn't it?

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