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Flags, flags, and fags in the news
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/28/2015 14:35:17

Lots of news to chime in on today. As most of ya'll already know, there is a big kerfuffle about the flag of the traitorous confederacy also known as the rebel flag or the battle flag. We actually had a lot of different flags when we fought the war of northern aggression because, well, we just did, and we don't need to explain to yankee's on how we think. We had one flag for the states, one for each confederate capital (we had two), one for battles and another for dance parties.

The flag that the CSA rebels flew over their battles whilst engaged in a bloody war with the north has long been hated by people of color and, well, okay, it's been hated by just about everyone. But let's remember: the war was NOT about slavery. Never was. Don't believe what you hear, or read. It was about, um, economics. You see, the South wanted to keep making money for the 1% of plantation owners that had free labor and needed that free labor to um, make money. No, wait, I got it, the South fought against the north because it was um, states rights. We wanted the right to import cheap and free labor so that we could...... dammit. Okay, well the north started it by not letting the South secede from the Union because we wanted to. make. money. from.

Okay, let's move on.

This particular flag is a symbol of hate to many Americans and a symbol of heritage to a hand full. Certainly no one thinks that we should look down on those who died for a cause that they believed in. Well, unless they are members of isis/isil or al-queda. So, let me rephrase that: it was thought at the time to be a righteous Christian cause and those people who died in the Civil War (why it's called "civil" is beyond me) should not be dishonored. But the flags belong in museums not over capitols.

So when Bree Newsome climbed up that pole in South Carolina to remove the ugly flag that reminds most of us Southerners of our bad history, people across the country applauded.

The flag was down for about half an hour.

The second best flag news was given to us by CNN which I think stands for Clown News Network. In the same week that SCOTUS handed gays the rights that are already granted in the Constitution, CNN gave us a news story to truly celebrate our freedoms. This particular news story was about another rebel flag: ISIS. Seems it was spotted in a gay pride parade in London. What, you say? What gay person would fly the flag of a group which hates gay people. Maybe even all people. (Hey, isis is very similar to WBC aren't they? Just realized that).

Anyway, reports from the reporter on the scene who was aghast when spotting the flag went something like this:
Reporter: An un-nerving site today at a London Gay Pride celebration. An isis flag seen flying among a sea of rainbow colors.
Eye-witness: ... it's a very jovial atmosphere..... but suddenly see a man dressed in black and white carrying what appears to be an isis flag.... a bad mimicry but a clear attempt to mimic the isis flag.... the letters aren't quiet Arabic....

No. Not quite. The "letters" were actually sexual devices, namely dildos and butt plugs, arranged similar to the flag of isis to mock and perhaps annoy, but certainly not to celebrate.


CNN had butt plugs and dildo's featured on their news cast. Sadly, it was not worthy enough for the "BREAKING NEWS" bombardment, and the video was taken down by CNN. It's here.

best line: "the [Arabic] letters appear to be gobbley-goop"

You just can't make this stuff up.

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