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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 07/03/2015 13:15:21

While running through my Book of Faces Newsfeed the other day I spotted this - The 16 Most American Shirts that Ever America'd

It's 100% clickbait, and its awesome in its awfulness.

Seriously, how can you not see this and not think - Operation Commando Eagle!!!!!


Its an eagle without underpants!

I also loved Lincoln, with an assault weapon in one hand and either the Emancipation Proclamation or the Constitution in the other, while riding a bear. Or the tasteful Declaration of Independence hovering over Mount Rushmore as a flag waves and an eagle looks on wistfully.

This overly patriotic flag bathing is why I now cringe at so much of this stuff, I've had people in my family call me unpatriotic cause I chose to laugh at it. What happened to us that we now accept these tacky Made in China bits of red, white and blue?

It sounds old and curmudgeony to say "when I was a kid", but really am I the only one who thinks that not so long ago it felt like a more endearing holiday? Maybe its just me but it was a bit of nerdy fun to be wrapped up in American Mythology of how we came to be this amazing place.

Now it just seems like who has the biggest fireworks or the most illegal and the biggest barbecue.

Maybe I'm just jaded these days.


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