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Will I Live to See The End of This?
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 07/19/2015 13:56:13

Democrats lost control at the Netroots Nation political rally that was held in Phoenix AZ; both Sanders and O'Malley were boo'd off stage. Demonstrators protesting cases of police brutality and the treatment of black Americans by police disrupted the presidential forum yesterday as O'Malley was being interviewed on stage. The group later drowned out Sen.Sanders as he tried to remind the crowd of his many years fighting for civil rights.

While O'Malley was onstage being interviewed by Jose Antonio Vargas the large group of protesters streamed into the convention hall chanting, "Black lives matter!" One of the group's leaders then took over the stage and addressed the audience as the largely female group of demonstrators railed against police-involved shootings, the treatment of immigrants and Arizona's racial history.

While I don't think their tactics where particularly helpful, they certainly got their message out. I'm sure that FOX news will use words like, disruptive, rowdy, lawless, militant and of course thug/thuggish. They were black after-all.

Sanders left the stage after cowing to their yelling, saying, "If you don't want me here, OK". Later that night he addressed police brutality at a large rally, telling a crowd of more than 11,000 it is unacceptable for young black men to be beaten and killed while walking down the street.

"When a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable," Sanders said. He later quoted the 19th century black abolitionist Frederick Douglass: "Freedom doesn't come without struggle."

O'Malley unfortunately grabbed his foot and put it in his mouth saying, "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter," prompting a fierce round of boo's and yelling in the crowd. He later apologized. While no one disagrees with his point, it's just that we're focusing on black lives at the moment so please keep on topic.


Protester gets onstage to speak to candidate O'Malley.

Look, let's be grateful that the democratic party hasn't resorted - yet - to arresting these protesters like the GOP would do without hesitation.

Meanwhile, down the road in Texas, a woman who was pulled over for the henious crime of failing to signal a lane change, was beaten down, arrested and later possibly murdered. Sandra Bland, a 28 year old black woman, would have been starting her new job that she was excited about. Instead, police allege that she committed suicide while in jail. For a minor traffic violation.

Also just down the road a few days ago, this happened:
An Arizona cop barged into a woman’s home while she was in the shower and handcuffed her as she stood naked and sopping wet, according to a lawsuit.

Officer Doug Rose lectured an unclothed, sobbing Esmeralda Rossi in front of her daughter and told her he was in charge, even though she was in her own home. Even as an investigation determined that Rose illegally entered the home, the policeman managed to retire and start collecting his pension.

It was good that the Netroots Nation demonstrators were mostly women as it reminds people that it's not just black men that are targets of discrimination and law enforcement brutality but women of color as well. I'm so sick of writing about this crap. I yearn for the day when I see police stand up and protest to get rid of the bad ones that give them all a bad name. Because you know it's only a few; I'm not one of those who believe that all the cops are racist thugs. I just cannot believe that.

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