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I Have NEVER Lied.
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 11/08/2015 14:56:49

Thank goodness I'm an honest person; I never have to worry about someone digging up some comment that would damage my outstanding image to the world.

This is an open blog today because I've been called to host a forum called "Honesty in American Politics: How we Get Better Hosts on SNL". Hillary and President and Mrs. Obama will be there, as will the Dali Lama and Pope. I'm excited about it. So I must rush off to get dressed in order to get on my private plane.

I do want to clear up one thing, recently Ben Carson said he was voted the most honest student at Yale and I can tell you he's lying! I was voted most honest at Yale; ME, not him. Oh, unless he's referring to that particular year. Perhaps he is, in which case he means "for that year" but overall your own Velveeta was the most honest person at Yale ever. Also Harvard.

Ben Carson has some problems telling the truth and it's very sad that he has to stoop so low just to be popular. The West Point lie about being asked to attend on a full scholarship is an out-right lie. I, on the other hand, was invited to attend West Point by a friend on MySpace several years ago. So there you have it. I could have attended! I was busy at the time though. Can you imagine if I'd gone to West Point? I could have taught that military establishment a thing or two!

Have a great day everyone. Be honest at all times.

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