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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 12/20/2015 14:38:29

Many of you may be unaware that there was a Democratic debate last night. Yes, on a Saturday night! Who plans these things?

Well, I'm sure most of ya'll didn't stay home on a Saturday night to watch 3 white people duke it out over policy, strategies, plans and ideas. This was definitely not a GOP debate! Not once was a person called a loser, crazy, knucklehead, maniac or a jerk. It was kinda weird.

The debate opened with an apology and an explanation from Bernie Sanders which seemed to satisfy and clear things up for many people - it did me anyway. Then we were off! Martin O'Malley, perhaps suspecting that this was his last chance, addressed the camera with crazed laser-beam eyes as if he was a meth addict negotiating an exchange of a road-kill carcass with his Meth dealer. Many times interrupting the other candidates and the commentators. At one point midway through the debate he simply strung together pithy sound bites into what he believed where actual sentences. He said weird things like when he bragged about being "the very first post-9/11 mayor, and the first post-9/11 governor," which left almost everyone in the auditorium and at home scratching their heads. Moderator David Muir had to ask him to "settle down" but that only seemed to throw fuel onto the fire.

Other than that, the debate was fairly drama-free. The biggest "controversy" was what to do with Syrian President Bashar Assad while simultaneously dealing with ISIS. (Why won't they call them "Daesh"?)

"If the United States does not lead, there is not another leader — there is a vacuum," Clinton cautioned regarding Assad.

Sanders disagreed, saying the U.S. should first seek to defeat the ISIS, calling Assad a "secondary issue" that should be dealt with over the course of years.

"Yeah, regime change is easy, getting rid of dictators is easy," Sanders said. "But before you do that, you've got to think about what happens the day after."

O'Malley chimed in with a remark to get under Hillary Clinton's skin, "I know Secretary Clinton was gleeful when Gaddafi was torn apart."

For her part, Clinton got me laughing with her as she seemed quite relaxed and at ease, probably because she's in the lead currently. When she was late coming back from the break and the moderators started asking a question to Bernie Saunders she came back to the podium with a bemused "sorry". It had to be endearing to other females who understand that it does indeed take us longer (think about it guys). Even Sarah Palin would have understood and probably smiled at that! Later she was asked if "Corporate America should love her" she smiled and said "everyone should!" Which I must say is a great answer. Corporate America as a class, is not our enemy in my opinion. They are doing what they should be doing in a capitalist society; making money at all costs. I am more likely to blame government policies or the lessening of them, for turning them into the monsters that some of them are.

One of my favorite moments from Saunders was when speaking about the criminal justice system, blaming in part, a lack of diversity in police departments, mandatory minimums and excessive lethal force as contributing factors. He went on to add: "We need to understand that addiction is a disease, not a criminal activity." Which drew HUGE applause, well at least from my house it did. He advocated for a massive shift in the way addiction and drug use are dealt with in America, saying, "When somebody is addicted and seeking help, they should not have to wait three, four months in order to get that help."

Sadly, there were little to no double entendre moments other than one that came from Clinton while speaking about encryption and which I think most women do agree with:

"Maybe the back door is the wrong door".


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