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Total disconnect
Author: Raine    Date: 02/11/2016 14:25:49

The GOP insanity continues. On Tuesday, President Obama released the final budget of his presidency. On cue, the Freedom Caucus Tea Party Lunatics decided they were going to do things their way, ignoring long standing traditions and ignoring the new Speaker of the House.
The release of President Obama’s eighth and final budget on Tuesday has forced into the open the seething tensions that never really went away after a spending agreement was reached last year, in part to ease Mr. Ryan’s transition into the speaker’s suite. That deal set spending until the end of October of this year, at levels that the president adhered to and Senate Republicans hope to make stick.

But a core group of House Republicans who gave Mr. Ryan a pass back then now say they want to toss those numbers out like so much flotsam and pass their own budget with far tighter spending restrictions.

“If we are going to pass a Republican budget, it should reflect Republican ideals,” said Representative Mick Mulvaney, Republican of South Carolina and a member of the Freedom Caucus that is leading the charge. “That means lower spending.”

Mr. Ryan does not support the plan, knowing that a tighter budget and conforming appropriations bills will not go very far. Further, Republican chairmen of the House and Senate budget committees have declared that the president’s budget director will not be welcome to testify at their budget hearings, a highly unusual and monumentally partisan snub.
“This isn’t even a budget, so much as it is a progressive manual for growing the federal government at the expense of hard-working Americans,” Mr. Ryan said.
You read that correctly, They won't even let the Office of Budget managment present the budget to Congress.

It get's more insane. The budget was released on Tuesday and with no republicans reading it,Some pundits have decided to comment about it anyway. Were you aware that President Obama has secretly endorsed Bernie Sanders with this budget? That is right, he is communicating in code to Sanders supporters.
If it sounds all too familiar this campaign season, that’s because it is pretty much how Bernie Sanders plans to rule as president until he amasses the power to destroy Wall Street once and for all, preferably with Thor’s Hammer. It is, as POLITICO describes, a grab-bag of liberal policies. Hillary Clinton, who is a welcome and frequent guest of groups like Goldman Sachs, who pay her tons of money (ostensibly for speeches, in reality for influence), cannot be happy that her buddies on Wall Street are being targeted by her party at a time when she is desperate for the power the presidency provides.

It is all but an endorsement of the socialist policies voiced by Bernie Sanders, and perhaps a shot across the bow for Hillary, who has to tow the line between the socialist trends of her party and her fealty to the big money interests of Washington D.C. And, of course, Hillary can’t attack anything the president does if she wants to keep even a fraction of his coalition of voters together. Oh, and he is the only thing standing between the Department of Justice and an indictment.
Every day I think I have seen it all, until I see something more ridiculous.

How we went from this statement “This isn’t even a budget, so much as it is a progressive manual for growing the federal government at the expense of hard-working Americans,” to the projection that this Final Budget from the President is a secret endorsement of Senator Sanders show the complete lack of common sense from so many of the conservatives out there.

Minds are lost.


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