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Then There's This
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 02/28/2016 14:36:11

I wanted to make a video of the Republican candidates as the "Mean Girls", because lets face it, they are the Plastics. Dumb bullies who want to rule the school, er, world.

But it's "Oscar" day, or as one comedian put it, tonights Oscar celebration marks the end of Black History Month. So true.

So I'll be skipping the hatred today of comparing who's worse and uglier than the other guy and instead focus on the discrimination in the Oscar categories.

It's getting so bad that even Rubio, who is far behind, has taken to throwing insults at Trump; turning the whole GOP contest into a WWE comedy show. Grasping at straws while drowning is a weak mans game and he'll lose. Can't say that I'm not sorry. Here's a taste:

Kudo's to "Hair Force One"! I'll give him that! However, funny and mean is not really what I want in a President.

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